Business Aims and ICT Strategies

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Possible ICT strategies linked to particular business aims.

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Question Answer
What are business aims/goals? The long-term and short-term objectives that the business would like to meet in the future
Examples of business aims/goals Increase market share/ Reduce costs/ Reduce delivery times/ Improve the way the organisation is managed/ Improve security of stored data/ Improve customer relationship
What is an ICT strategy? An ICT strategy is how the business will best achieve its aims/goals using ICT reources
What would be the ICT strategy for increasing market share? Introduce an e-commerce site/ Use database marketing to target customers more efficiently/ Use social networking sites such as facebook and twitter to reach more people
What would be the ICT strategy for reducing costs? Introduce teleworking and hotdesking to reduce the amount of office space/ Automating back-office systems such as stock control/ Introduce automatic data entry techniques
What would be the ICT strategy for increasing reducing delivery time? Introduce automated stock control systems so that stock does not run out/ Introduce order tracking systems to allow customers to see progress of their order/ Introduce own delivery service
What would be the ICT strategy for improving the way the organisation is managed? Introduce Management Information Sytems/ Introduce Project Management Systems/ Introduce Decision Support Systems
What would be the ICT strategy for improving security of stored data? Introduce a backup and recovery system/ Introduce use of on-line backup/ Provide training on security issues such as hacking and viruses/ Introduce procedures for entering data/ Introduce guidelines on using and changing passwords/ Introduce access levels for staff
What would be the ICT strategy for improving customer relationship? Introduce a customer relationship management system/ Improving ordering and delivery systems