OCR GCSE Computing - Unit One (Computer systems & programming)

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What is missing? INPUT -> ______ -> OUTPUT Process
What is an interface An interconnection between systems
What is a system? A collection of parts that work together for a common purpose
What is a dedicated computer? A computer with a fixed purpose, e.g car engine control units
What is an embedded computer? A computer which forms part of an electronic device
What is the kernel? The lowest level of an operating system
What is a propreitary standard? A standard owned by an individual or a company, e.g. Flash, property of Adobe
What is an industry standard? A standard agreed across the computing industry, e.g. USB (Universal Serial Bus)
What is a De Facto standard? A standard that as developed into the accepted way of doing things through common usage, e.g. HTML (though it is now a De Jure standard, i.e. you must adopt it)
What is an open standard? An open standard is a publicly available standard that can be modified by anyone
What does the Data Protection Act state? Those who store personal data on a computer system should take care of it and protect it from unauthorized people. Also, people should be allowed to inspect data stored that involves them
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