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Astonished Pasmado, estupefacto I was astonished when they lost. They always win.
Bewildered Desconcertado I was bewildered by the range of choices.
Delighted Encantado I was delighted with my high score.
Desperate Desesperado I was desperate to get a job. I really needed the money.
Devastated Devastado, desolado I was devastated when my grandad died
Disappointed Decepcionado, desilusionado I was a bit disappointed you didn't come.
Down Deprimido, de bajón You look a bit down. What's the problem?
Gobsmacked Patidifuso, patitieso I was completely gobsmacked when I heard she was getting married!
Grateful Agradecido I'm grateful for any help I get.
Guilty Culpable I feel guilty when I eat too much.
Gutted Destrozado, abatido When they missed that last penalty I was absolutely gutted.
Homesick Nostálgico I miss home so much. I'm feeling homesick.
Horrified Horrorizado My mum was horrified with the mess in my room.
Lonely Solo I feel lonely without you here.
Nervous Nervioso Exams make me nervous.
Offended Ofendido I feel really offended. My cousin didn't invite me to his wedding.
Overwhelmed Abrumado I just don't know wht to say. I'm overwhelmed with emotion.
Proud Orgulloso I'm so proud my daughter won the race.
Relieved Aliviado I was relieved when I finally got a job.
Scared stiff Paralizado de miedo I'm scared stiff of heights
Shattered Destrozado, agotado I'm absolutely shattered. I just want to sit down and put my feet up.
Shocked Impactado, estupefacto I was shocked by the sad news.
Sick of (hearing...) Harto, hastiado I'm sick of hearing you complain about my food. Why don't you learn to cook?
Stunned Pasmado, aturdido (pronounciation like stand) I was stunned by the proposal. I just wasn't expecting it.
Thrilled Emocionado, excitado, entusiamado I was thrilled when I heard I was going to become a grandparent.
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