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series circuit a circuit that has one path
parallel circuit a circuit with multiple paths
fuse a device that contains a thin strip of metal that will melt if there is too much current through it
power the rate at which energy is transferred from one form to another
ammeter a device that measure current
electrolyte a substance that conducts electric current in an electrochemical cell
induction the movement of electrons to one part of an object by the electric field of another object
conduction the transfer of electrons from a charged object to another object by direct contact
voltage the difference in electric potential between two places
Static is transferred by... conduction induction friction
friction the transfer of electrons through rubbing
What are the four things that affect resistance? 1. The material the wire is made from. 2. Length (the longer the wire, the higher the resistance) 3. Diameter (thicker=more resistance) 4. Temperature (temperature decreases and resistance decreases)
electrodes the metal rods in the battery (two different types of metals, so one will react faster and differently than the other)
What were the components of the first battery? layers of zinc, paper soaked in salt water, and silver
short circuit a connection that allows the current to take the path of least resistance
electrically grounded A circuit is electrically grounded when charges are able to flow directly from the circuit into Earth.
What unit is resistance measured in? ohms (insert omega symbol here)
What is the equation for finding the amount of power? Power = Voltage x Current P = V x I
What is the equation for finding the amount of watts? Watts = Volts x Amps
What are electric current's dangers? short circuits electric shocks ungrounded wires
What is energy's equation? Energy = Power x Time
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