Counseling Theories - Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 quiz questions

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Adler used early childhood recollections as a means for understanding a person's style of life. Which of the following questions is most appropriate for assessing earliest recollections? When you think back over your childhood, what are your earliest memories?
Adlerian counseling involves four stages. During the first phase of counseling, the focus is what? Counselors making a positive, warm connection with their clients
Adler's Individual Psychology departed from his colleagues Freud and Jung on numerous issues. In one issue, Adler posited that a person must be seen __________, as a unified personality or "individual." Holistically
In the late phase, clients work toward developing habits of living that promote wellness and social interest in all six areas of functioning. What are the six area of functioning? work, friendship, love, self acceptance, spirituality, and parenting
The Adlerian approach is characterized by its deliberate efforts to encourage the client. What statement most accurately describes encouragement in the Adlerian counseling context? Verbally saying, "This is something I believe you can do."
Adler's approach to counseling has been characterized as: An analytic-behavioral-cognitive approach
Adler suggested that people's futures are not defined by their pasts, but rather that people have __________ in how they approach their lives. Choice
"To see with the eyes of another, to hear with the ears of another, to feel with the heart of another" describes what characteristic of Adlerian counselors? Empathy
The idea that humans are innately social creatures relates to Adler's notion of social interest or community feeling which can be defined as which of the following? A person subjectively experiencing a sense that he/she has something in common with other people, is a part of a community, and benefits from cooperating with others in the community.
Once psychoeducational material has been delivered by the Adlerian counselor and understood by the client, the next part of the counseling session should focus on task setting. This involves: Finding a way for the client to implement the idea in his/her life outside of session to solve a current problem
In an egalitarian counseling relationship between the counselor and the client, the client will: Maintain a sense of agency and choice in the therapeutic process
In the Adlerian approach, the long-term goal of wellness refers to: Physical, emotional, and social wellbeing
Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP) is a promising evidence-based parenting program based on Adlerian principles that uses __________, __________, and __________to improve child behaviors and parent-child relations. Encouragement, appreciation, and motivation
A great way for Adlerian counselors to assess the underlying purpose or role that symptoms may have for the client is: Using The Question
If an Adlerian counselor made the statement "The upside of worrying is that you tend to be good with details," she would be doing what to encourage clients? Reframing
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