Heart and Heart disease

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Where does the Aorta take blood to? From the Heart to the body
Where does the Pulmonary Vein take blood to? From the lungs back to the heart
Where does the Vena Cava take blood to? From the body back to the heart
Where does the Pulmonary Artery take blood to? From the Heart to the lungs
Which ventricle generates the highest pressure and why? Left Ventricle - because it pumps blood the whole body rather than just the lungs and therefore has thicker wall.
Name 3 risk factors linked to heart disease: - Diet - Smoking - Lack of Exercise
Describe how certain aspects of a person's diet can increase the risk of heart disease? - salt, increased blood pressure - cholesterol - fatty deposits - Saturated fats - fatty deposits
How is a thombus caused? Fatty deposits under the epithelium of the artery
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