Middle Ages

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Chapter 12

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Black Death (Bubonic Plague) (1348) Disease that was carried by fleas on Asian black rats and brought to Europe on ships returning from Asia.
Hundred Years' War (1337-1453) England (King Edward II) battles France (Philip VI of Valois) for the throne of France. England (King Edward II) battles France (Philip VI of Valois) for the throne of France.
Dates of Hundred Years' War 1337-1353
Joan of Arc (1412-1431) French peasant girl who lead the French army to a victory at the Battle of Orleans (1429), resulting in the thr French heir to the throne (Charles VII) to be crowned.
John Wyclif (1330-1384) Believed that the church should only follow Scripture. Wrote an English translation of the Bible.
Lollards Followers of John Wyclif.
John Hus (1369-1415) Ideas very similar to Wyclif. Led a nationalist movement in Bohemia. Burned at stake for heretical and political views.
Hussites Followers of John Hus. Staged large rebellions in the 14th century.
Babylonian Captivity (1309-1377) Struggle between the Pope and the French king led to the election of a French pope who set up his leadership in Avignon, France. Seven successive popes resided at Avignon, France. This situation damaged papal prestige.
Dates of Bab ylonian Captivity 1309-1377
Great Schism (1377-1417) Conflict occurred with the election of 2 popes- one in Rome (Pope Urban VI), one in France (Antipope Clement VII)- neither of whom recognized each other. Hurt prestige of church.
Conciliar Movement (1409-1418) Ended the Great Schism. Wanted to reform the Church by creating a council of cardinals that would be more powerful than the pope. Failed as a movement.
vernacular national languages; native dialect
Dante Alghieri (1265-1321) (Father of Italian Language) An early Renaissance author who wrote "The Divine Comedy" in 1321.
Thomas Aquinas (1224-1274) Attempted to reconcile faith and reason by using logic to support Christian doctrine. Wanted to reconcile Aristotle's scientific ideas with Christianity.
Scholasticism The corner-stone of late medieval philosophy. Dominated Catholic philosophy for centuries. Later challenged by Renaissance humanists
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