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Definition of God 'Supreme, perfect being'
'I think therefore I am' - Even when thinking that you don't exist you prove you're existing -Thought of thought = existance -Thought = reality
Argument for Gods existance using thought 1) Thought existsexists 2) God = thought 3) God exists
Argument for Gods existance using definition of God 1) God = supreme perfect being 2) A property of being perfect includes existance 3) God exists
Birth - All born with the innate ideas of the image of God
Necessary Logical Truths -Some things cannot be doubted Eg. Maths and God
Triangle analogy -The essence of the triangle makes it what it is - Triangle = immutable ( can't be any different) - This is like God - doesnt need a human mind to recognise it exists for it to exist - Exists independantly of the mind -Gods essence = existance
Analogies -Recognised analogies have their limits - Can have a mountain without a valley But God = different God = perfection Perfection includes existance Perfection is unchanging So God has always existed
Criticisms GASSENDI -Is existance a perfection God cannot lack? -But something either exists or it doesn't -Its only relevant to discuss something that exists -inexistant thing is neither perfect nor imperfect
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