Requirements of the Veterinary Healthcare Team Members


Outline the Requirements of the Veterinary Healthcare Team Members
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What procedures involve short-term admission of patients for the duration of the procedure and recovery Outpatient Procedures
What procedures require the patient to be admitted to a veterinary hospital overnight or longer so that the animal can be monitored closely during the procedure, after the procedure, and during recovery. Inpatient Procedures
TRUE OR FALSE Only the veterinarian makes the actual diagnosis. In addition, only licensed veterinarians may prescribe medications and perform surgery TRUE
TRUE OR FALSE The veterinary staff may assist by filling prescriptions, administering some medications, or preparing animals for surgery. TRUE
TRUE OR FALSE The veterinary staff may assist by filling prescriptions, administering some medications, or preparing animals for surgery. TRUE
TRUE OR FALSE The VT (Vet Technician) never works under the direct supervision of the veterinarian. FALSE The VT
The VT student must complete more than _______specific skills before graduation. 300
TRUE OR FALSE Upon completing college coursework, the graduate VT must take and pass the national examination for VTs to become certified, licensed, or registered in a particular state. TRUE
Works under the direct supervision of a veterinarian or veterinary technician A veterinary assistant (VA)
_______ of animal behavior is required by VA so they can recognize any signs of aggression in the patient. Basic knowledge
What are 3 types of animal restraints Muzzles Restraint poles Bags
TRUE or FALSE VA’s often help maintain supplies and sterilize equipment like grooming supplies, surgical and laboratory equipment. TRUE
TRUE or FALSE VA’s can take a radiograph of an animal FALSE VA’s can help position the animal on the table and develop the film but cannot take the picture
Can a VA help maintain the animal hospitals pharmacy? Yes, they can package and label prescriptions too.
What can be the 5 Responsibilities of a VA in the reception area Answer telephones , make appointments, greet clients, file and retrieve records, prepare correspondence.
What are the 6 responsibilities of a VA when assisting examinations and treatments Restraint of patients, determine patient temperature, determine pulse and respiratory rates, restock supplies, clean exam and treatment areas, fill prescriptions
What are the 8 responsibilities of the VA when technical assisting Clean and sterilize instruments prepare patients maintain records prepare surgical supplies prepare patient for x-ray exam prepare patients on x-ray or surgical table restock supplies develop radiographs
What may be the 5 responsibilities of a VA in the kennel area Monitor health status of animals feed animals exercise patients maintain sanitary conditions Groom animals
What may be the three responsibilities of a kennel aid kennel area clean Keep well-stocked help veterinary staff observed hospitalized patient
Who can do the hiring at a veterinary practice -Veterinary practice manager- (Often a Technician with a small business degree)
TRUE OR FALSE Veterinary practice managers maintains the practice accounting records, pays bills and manages employee payroll. Also handles many of legal requirements for records and reports to government agencies. TRUE
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