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International tourism People going on holiday abroad
Domestic tourism People going on holiday in their own country
Social how people live together in communities and societies
Economic financial, linked to money and its movement, creation of wealth and jobs
Foreign exchange The total amount of wealth a country makes within its own borders
Gross Domestic Product (GDP) The total amount of wealth a country makes within its own borders
Life-cycle model a theoretical model used to describe the changes that take place as a tourist resort develops
Exploration attraction of small numbers of tourists to a place of interest – local people have not developed activities
Involvement local population sees opportunities and starts to provide accommodation, food, transport, guides and opportunities
Development large companies build hotels and leisure complexes and advertise package holidays
Consolidation tourism is now a major part of the local economy – numbers of visitors make employment more secure
Stagnation resort becomes unfashionable and numbers of visitors start to decline
Decline visitors prefer other resorts – day trippers and weekenders become the main source of income
Rejuvenation attempts are made to modernize the resort and attract different people to enjoy new activities
Exchange rates the rate at which currency can be exchanged e.g. £ for €. Exchange rates go up and down over time in response to how well a countries economies are doing
Banking crisis also know as the great recession – economic decline in Europe and North America from 2008-2013
National Park an area where development is limited and planning controlled. The landscape is regarded as unusual and valuable and therefore worth looking after
Honeypot site somewhere that attracts a large number of tourists who, due to their numbers, place pressure on the environment and people
Mass tourism tourism on a large scale to one country or region. This is linked to the development and consolidation phases of the Butler tourist resort life-cycle model
Leakage profits don’t stay in host country but go to large tour operators
Extreme environments locations with difficult environments where tourism has only recently occurred due to people wanting to visit somewhere with different physical challenges
Stewardship the personal responsibility of us all for looking after things, in this case the environment. No one should damage the present or future environment.
Ecotourism environmentally friendly tourism
Conservation the thoughtful use of resources; managing the landscape in order to protect ecosystems and cultural features.
Sustainable tourism Tourism that can be carried out in such a way as to meet the needs of the present, without damaging the ability of future generations to meet their own needs
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