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When do you call the Dr. regarding drugs to clarify medication, critical reaction or drug toxicity
Adrenergic drugs end in ol or ine
Andrenergic drugs do what stimulate sympathetic nervsous systems
Angerergic drugs ol or ine stimulate what breathing heart beating increase bp, increase urine, vasoconstriction, reduces nasal stuffiness, brocodialators asthma copd,
what must you avoid while taking adrenergic drugs alcohol
what are the affects of the heart on adrengeric drugs increae outpu of the heart
dobutamine is used to what and when to use stimulate heart after heart attack or surgery
dopamine (Intropin) does what and when to use increases cardac output, increases BP increases Urine, shock
Epinephirine (Adrenalin) does what and when used for control bleeding, shock, stimulates the heart also used for pink eye **pink eye does NOT get private room
Isoproteranol used for and does what Copd, easy breath or Irregular hr until pace maker
Phenlephrine (neo - synepleine) Treat shock, low bp, nose spry colds
Metaraminol (aramine) used to increase BP with shock
Uticaria is hives
***on nclex what symptom do you always pick if there dry mouth or chewing sugarless gum **never pick over secretions
Norepinephrine (lovophed) increase hr and shock
side effects of norepinephrine signs of toxicity nervousness awake agitated, rapid hr, sweaty, hallucinations toxicity are mania, enraged, heart arrhythmia, stroke, breathing rapid and shallow, increased bp, increased hr
all antihistamines end with ine
side effects of antihistamines are toxicity is drousiness, dizzy, nervous, dry mouth, irritable toxic is seizure, sedation, blurred vision, slow urine, constipation,
beta blockers end in lol
azole is for starts with A and is an antifungal
Prazol is for starts with P and is a proton Pump Inhibator
Antihyperlypidemic and ends in statin as in sinvastatin
mneumonic for Digoxin is DIGOXIN
MNEUMONIC DIGOXIN STANDS FOR D dIg levels 2 > are toxic I Inhibits sodium potassium ATPase G - Gi or cns signs indicate toxicity n & V anorexia O Output and intake X don't give is HR < 60 I indication for CHF and PF N Not Potassium ECG and renal
mnemonic for epinephrine NASCAR
epinephrine mnemonics NASCAR stands for N Nervous A Angina Arrhythmia S Sugar increase C Cardiac Arrest A Allergic Reaction R Respiratory
The pneumonic for Norepinephrine (Lovophed) is SHOCK
SHOCK MNEUMONIC FOR NOREPHINEPHRINE (LOVOPHED) STANDS FOR S Stimulates alpha and Beta Adrenegic receptors H Hypovolemia should BE CORRECTED before using this Drug O Output of urine should be increased C Constriction of Blood Vessels K Keep monitoring VS q 5 to 15 minutes
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