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3 Types of feminists? -Postmodern - Empiricism - Standpoint
What do Post modern feminists believe? - Knowledge is culturally constructed and therefore unstable, which can lead to multiple truths, therefore the basis of knowledge must be challenged.
Who do Postmodern feminists oppose and why? Standpoint feminists, because they try to generalise women's experience despite the diversity.
What is a criticism of post-modern feminists? Anti-essentialism- Traditional ideals/skills should be taught to all students regardless to need/ability.
Standpoint feminists believe... - A lot of knowledge can be gathered from female experiences and 'herstories' - It is not enough for culture and structure to 'insert' women
S.F Looks into Female oppression and abuse
Key people of S.F -Hartsock -Smith
What are the criticism of standpoint feminism? There are no concrete women 'experience' to gather knowledge from; women are too diverse to generalise.
Empiricism believe... -Women are excluded, omitted and misrepresented in research- research is sexist and bias. - 'Chivalry thesis' -Women are treated differently to men, less likely to be arrested, prosecuted and are given more lenient sentences.
Criticism of empiricism feminism -Claim to be objective of 'malestream' criminology, yet fail to take into account both sexes. - Men are used as yard sticks
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