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Piedmont foot or base of mountain
Fall Line rests between piedmont and coastal plain
Canadian Shield located in Quebec & Ontario, south of Hudson Bay; rocky terrain with great wildlife
Great Lakes created by glaciers moving south across the continent in the past
St.Lawrence River/Seaway connects the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean
Rocky Mountains taller, form peaks, newer than the Appalachian
Appalachian Mountains shorter, form rounded mountaintops
Mt.McKinley/Denali tallest point in the United States
Ring of Fire a zone of active volcanoes in the Pacific
What climates are found in North America? every single climate
United States the world's largest producer of agriculture and world's 3rd largest country in land area & population
Canada 2nd largest nation in the world in terms of land area
Theories of How the First Native Settlers reached North America 1) Berengia Land Bridge; connected Asia & North America, followed animals 2) By Water; natives came over in small boats
Northern Colonies Economy (during British colonial times) known for trade, shipbuilding, and fishing
Southern Colonies Economy (during British colonial times) known for cotton and tobacco farming
Immigrants Over 99% of the U.S. population descendants
English/No Official Language official language of U.S.
English and French official language of Canada; language of Quebec alsoss
Important Aspects of America -first to build skyscrapers -first to use motion pictures -introduced several music genres; rap, country, rock n roll
Protestant dominant religion in U.S.
Roman Catholic dominant religion in Canada
Economy of Northeast most industrialized region
Economy of South fastest growing population
Economy of Midwest corn, wheat, and dairy belt; Chicago is biggest city
Economy of Interior West livestock ranching
Economy of Pacific West technology region
Colony land/territory owned by another country
Megalopolis Cities in U.S. 1-Boston 2-Washington D.C. 3-New York City 4-Baltimore 5-Philadelphia
Grand Banks rich fishing grounds off the coast of Canada's Atlantic Ocean
Gentrification people buying-up bad parts of the city and remodeling it to sell it for a profit
Silicon Valley technology region in California
Atlantic Provinces the poorest region of Canada
Inuit native Canadians
Reasons for U.S. Civil War economic, political, and cultural differences between the North & South led to this
Location of Major Population Centers on the coastline or major bodies of water
U.S. Population Trend moving to the South and West
Louisiana Purchase this purchase was from France and doubled the size of the U.S.
Potash a mineral used to make fertilizers, found a lot in Saskatchewan, Canada
Parliamentary System type of government that Canada has
Jacques Cartier the French Explorer of Canada
Continental Divide the high point of a ridge that determines water flow
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