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What is machine code unique to ? Each Processor
what is the name of the program that converts assembly programs to machine code? Assembler
give an example of procedural programming languages? Basic, PAscal, C, C++
give examples of Object oriented programming JAva, C#, VB.Net, Objective-C
what is a class? Blueprints for objects
what is encapsulation? Classes keep their methods and attibutes private and control access to them
what is composition objects can be composed of smaller objects
What is inheritance Objects can inherit structure form parent object and extend their functionality
What is polymorphism? classes that override attributes/methods from parents
what is an accessor? methods to retrieve variable state
what is a mutator? Methods to change variable states
what are basic phases of Software Development Life cycle? Planning--> Implementation--> testing--> documentation--> deployment--> maintenance?
what is difference btw verification and validation Verification = your building software correctly Validation = building the right functions in software
what are the stages of the waterfall methodology? REquirements--> Design --> Implementation-->Verification --> Maintenance
what are advantages to the waterfall method? defects are found sooner, when less costly to fix
what is disadvantage to waterfall method? late breaking requirements are expensive or prohibitive
What is SPiral Development Risk oriented methodology which is good when you don't know all requirements
what is agile programming? Small steps , frequent loops
give too examples of AGile programming Scrum and Extreme programming
how many connections in a star integration paradigm N(N-1)/2
what is a classic example of bug causing harm in softare? Therac -25 incident due to poor design of error message
What is white box testing? tests inner workings of a program includes code coverage,
What is Black Box Testing tests functionality from end-user standpoint, as a whole
give two examples of White Box testing? Unit testing and Integration Testing
give two examples of Black Box Testing System testing and Acceptance testing
what is regression testing? test for "regressions" when new features are added..ile. a new defect is revealed with addition of new functionality
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