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Key quotations and evaluations for "Brooklyn Cop" by Norman MacCaig

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"Built like a gorilla but less timid" Portrayed to us as an animal, suggests aggression. The violence has shaped his life physically and mentally.
"Hieroglyphs in his face" His eyes have no emotion, they are hardened and cold. It suggests he is immune to violence and this helps him to do his job.
"The thin tissue over violence." Tissue = the divide between civilisation and violence. Easily torn and fragile. Suggests the violence is always close by.
"See you babe... Hiya honey" Clichés suggest that the cop is a stereotypical American however we soon realise that he is actually expressing genuine emotion, hoping he will see his wife again.
"He hoped it, he truly hoped it." Creates sympathy as the reader realises that he has a dangerous job and there is always a risk that he may not come back. It turns the clichés around.
"Should the tissue tear" Emphasises the inevitability of the violence. It is so easy for violence to break out.
"What clubbing, what gunshots between Phoebe's Whamburger and Louie's Place" The cop is using violence to stop violence, creating a never ending cycle of violence. Even the public places are caught up in the violence and their names suggest violence.
"Who would be him?" Creates sympathy as it makes the reader realise no one wants his job.
"This time" Parenthesis- slows down the line and creates sympathy. Emphasises that his job is so dangerous he may not return one day.
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