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Define COPD A disease state characterized by chronic airflow obstruction from chronic bronchitis, emphysema, or chronic asthma.
What diseases constitute COPD? Chronic bronchitis, asthma (kind of), emphysema
T/F: COPD is characterized by a progressive decline in lung function and recurrent exacerbations that increase this decline. True quitting smoking is the only way to stop disease progression
Chronic Bronchitis The conducting airways (particularly the bronchi)are the primary structures that undergo change in chronic bronchitis.
Clinical manifestations of Chronic Bronchitis Chronic inflammation and swelling of the wall of the peripheral airways.Excessive mucous production and accumulation. Partial or total mucous plugging of the airways. Smooth muscle constriction of bronchial airways(bronchospasm).
Etiology of Chronic Bronchitis that inhalation of cigarette smoke is the most important factor that generates chronic bronchitis. Other noxious agents about which there are still controversial opinions, are air pollution and occupational inhalants
Pathology of Chronic Bronchitis The pathology of chronic bronchitis includes an inflammatory mononuclear cell infiltrate in the airway wall and a neutrophil influx into the airway lumen.
Treatment of Chronic Bronchitis bronchodilator medications, steroids, antibiotics, oxygen therapy, vaccines, surgery, and pulmonary rehabilitation
What treatment below for patients with COPD has been shown to improve long-term survival oxygen
Signs and Symptoms of COPD 1. dyspnea 2. fatigue 3. chronic cough 4. chest tightness 5. sputum production
Ways to measure lung function? Pulse Oximeter and Spirometer
Pulse Oximeter define Pulse Oximeter define place on fingertip and will report amount of oxygen in blood. needs to be greater than 90%
Spirometer define breath into the device very slowly and exhale normally for 10 repetitions. A patient should have 1000 ml volume for reasonable amount of air inhaled.
OT treatment of COPD 1. graded activities to improve endurance and strength 2. functional activities- ADLs/IADLs , gradually increase level of activity. 3. patient education in energy conservation and simplification techniques.