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Quick facts from every science topic in the current ks3 curriculum.

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Acids and Alkalis pH can be measured by litmus paper, universal indicator or a pH meter.
Energy Transfers Light, Electrical, Gravitational, Sound, Heat, Nuclear, Elastic, Chemical and Kinetic. Sankey diagrams show wasted energy Combustion = FUEL + OXYGEN --> CARBON DIOXIDE + WATER
Cells All cells have nucleus, cytoplasm, cell membrane. Plant cells have cell wall, chloroplast and vacuole. Specialised cells have features to make them better at their job (eg. red blood cells, wide surface area to carry more oxygen)
Tissues and Organisms Organ systems made of organs, organs made of tissues, tissues made of cells. People can transplant organs.
Reproduction Key words: Uterus, Cervix, Ovaries, Prostate, Urethra, Zygote, Embryo, Menstruation, Courtship. Fertilisation (sperm meets egg) can be internal (like humans) or external (like fish).
Particles and Reactions Chemical changes are when molecules change (eg. iron rusting to become iron oxide.) Physical changes do not change molecules, (eg. melting an ice cube)
Rocks The amount and type of minerals in a rock gives it its colour and its properties. Sedimentary - (chalk) compacted sediments Igneous - (granite) solidified lava Metamorphic - (marble) ^^ changed by heat and pressure
Weathering Biological, chemical, freeze-thaw, onion skin (heat, night, expand, contract), plants transformed by heat and pressure for millions of years make coal
Forces and Speed Unbalanced forces cause change in movement, Friction opposes movement. "Drag" is a general term for resistant forces.
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