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Birth Rate Number of live births per thousand people per year
Death rate Number of deaths per thousand people per year
Life expectancy Average number of years in which individuals are expected to live, depending on where and when they are born, and spend their lifes
Demographic Transition Model A theory of population over time, that seeks to explain population increases and decreases through variations in the birth rate and death rate
Natural Increase In population studies when the birth rate is higher than the death rate
Infant Mortality The number of deaths of infants below one year of age, of every thousand live births in a population
Distribution The natural arrangements of animals or plants in particular regions or districts
Rural-Urban Migration The movement of people from rural areas to urban areas
Older dependency ratio (ODR) The number of people aged 65 and over for every 100 people of working age
Dependency Ratio The proportion of working (economically active) people to non-working (elderly/youthful dependents) people in a country
Ageing population When the average age of a population is rising, e.g. Japan
Fertility The number of live births per 1000 women aged 15-49 in 1 year. Also defined as the average number of children a women will bear, if the population is higher than 2.1 then the population will replace itself
Population Structure The breakdown of a countries population into groups defined by age or gender.
Natural Change The change in size of a population caused by the interrelationship between birth rates and death rates. If the Birth rate is higher than the population will increase, if the death rate increases than the population will decrease
Longevity The increase in life expectancy over a period of time. This is of a direct result of better medical provisions, and increased levels of economic development.
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