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What can forces do? Make a still object move Make an object speed up Make an object slow down Make an object stop Make an object change direction Make an object change shape
Friction is ... A contact force which occurs between two moving objects. When we rub our hands together there is friction. Friction makes heat or noise. It can be a help or a hindrance. We can reduce friction by using lubricants like oil or grease. This is Lubrication.
Formula for density is ... a5621f6f-8dc6-41b6-8f73-198e56249f45.jpg (image/jpg)
Density of water is ... 1g/cm cubed
What are balanced and unbalanced forces? We say a force is balanced when there is no overall force acting on it. 6a2fd554-1903-4dc4-9944-789596370591.jpg (image/jpg)
What is the formula for speed? 8aad9319-732a-4586-8031-3311604c6001.gif (image/gif)
What is the stopping distance made up of? The thinking distance and the braking distance.
What is the thinking distance? The time in-between the driver seeing an obstacle and hitting the brakes.
What is the braking distance? The time in-between hitting the brakes and coming to a halt.
Describe when the object goes slowly, goes quickly and stops. e5ca0ef7-5936-4bc7-af02-27aa764f36fd.jpg (image/jpg) The object goes quickly from A-B. Stops from B-C. Goes slowly from C-D.
What does gravity do? It pulls you down.
Where does gravity differ? In the size of planets. The smaller, the less gravity.
What unit are forces measured in? Newtons (N)
How are they measure in a classroom? With a Forcemeter
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