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Resistant Materials Revision Cards


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Name 2 facts about ferrous metals Contains iron Rusts easily
Name 2 facts about non-ferrous metals Doesn't contain iron Doesn't rust
What different types of woods are there Hard wood Soft wood Manufactured Board
Name the two types of plastic Thermoplastic Thermosetting Plastic
Name 6 safety issues and solution to do with using a sanding machine 1. Hair could get caught. Make sure hair is tied up. 2. Fingers could get caught. Enssure fingers are at a safe distance from the sand paper. 3. Dust could get in eyes. Wear goggles. 4. Dust could get in lungs. Wear dust mask/ turn on extractor fan. 5. Dust could get on clothes. Wear apron 6. Could get distracted. Enssure people are standing at a safe distance.
What is this metal High Carbon Steel
What metal is this? Stainless Steel
what metal is this? Wrought Iron
what is the metal used inside wires? Copper
What metal is used to make this type of musical instrument? Brass
What is this metal? Aluminum
What is this metal? Titanium
name the joint Finger Joint
name the joint Lap Joint
name this joint Housing Joint
name the joint Dowel Joint
name the joint Mortise & Tennon
Why is plywood a strong wood? It has several layers in 2 different directions
What does BSI stand for British Standers Institution
what is the European version of the BSI Kite Mark? CE (Conformité Européene)
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