FedEx Information Systems

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FedEx Information Systems
  1. Transaction Process System
    1. Keep track of details such as weight & volume
      1. Each package weight is unknown and planes are often not fully loaded or overloaded, causing inefficiency.
        1. With the weight of the packages, transport can be fully utilized and delivered efficiently.
        2. Determine price per item
          1. Receptionist are unable to answer the customers about the price.
            1. Customers can know the price of their package on the spot.
            2. Help locate item's destination
              1. Customers are unable to know where their package is currently at and cannot gauge the arrival of it.
                1. Customers can easily access the location of their parcels.
              2. Management Information System
                1. Monitor item's status
                  1. Customers have no clue as to where their package is
                    1. Customer are able to know where their package is in real time.
                    2. Coordinate transport
                      1. Delivery line is interrupted and transport is left to deliver nothing.
                        1. Delivery line is interrupted and transport is re-coordinated to deliver other packages.
                      2. Decision Support System
                        1. Analyze business data
                          1. Packages go missing or deliveries are delayed. No follow-up provided.
                            1. Packages go missing or deliveries are delayed. DSS provide the information required for decision-making.
                          2. Customer Relationship Management System
                            1. Manage business interactions with current & future customers
                              1. Customers only fill up service satisfaction forms.
                                1. Provide information to make sure business processes are in line with customers' expectations.
                                2. Organize, automate & synchronize
                                  1. All feedback are hard copied and overlooked.
                                    1. Customer's feedback are easily accessible and organized to categories.
                                  2. Knowledge Management System
                                    1. Stores & retrieves knowledge
                                      1. Business sticks to old traditions and does not develop any new ideas.
                                        1. Able to find more ideas such as effective ways to package the goods and deliver them at a faster and cheaper way.
                                      2. Enterprise System
                                        1. Support business processes & information flow.
                                          1. Information between functional areas take time to be communicated.
                                            1. Integrated system allows communication to be smooth. Allowing faster decision-making & faster follow-ups.
                                          2. Executive Support System
                                            1. Turn business data into reports
                                              1. Managers go through piles of data to find out what they need. Waste lots of time and effort.
                                                1. Managers can quickly at a glance learn about the financial statuses, staff, schedules and more through the reports.
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