GCSE Textiles - Design

Nicola Lees
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A set of revision cards based on design considerations

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What does the term fit for purpose mean? The product must be suitable for it’s use. Do what it’s meant to do
What is disassembly? Taking a product apart to see how it works/put together
What is meant by the term trend forecast? Predicting what will be popular & what other designers are likely to be doing style wise
What is a target market? The people most likely to buy a product. The people a manufacturer aims to sell a product to
What are ethically traded products? They are products made by people who aren’t exploited. Workers who have safe working conditions and are paid fairly.
What is a disadvantage of ethically traded products for the consumer? They are more expensive.
What is a Design Specification? It is a detailed list of design criteria.
What is Quality Assurance? It is the process of testing a product. Evaluating it against the design spec & modifying it to make it better.
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