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What are the functions of an operating System? Memory Management User Interface Peripheral Management Multi-Tasking Security
What is meant by Memory Management? The OS manages the transfer of data between the CPU, RAM and main storage (e.g. hard drive)
What is meant by User Interface? The OS provides the user with a way of controlling the functions of the computer without resorting to machine code. It can be graphical (GUI), e.g. Windows or text-based [no mouse] (CLI – Command Line Interface), e.g. MSDOS
What is meant by Peripheral Management? The OS manages the input and output devices connected to the computer, including things like keyboard, mice and printer.
What is meant by Multi-Tasking? The OS allows more than one program to be run at once so users can switch back and forth between applications easily.
What is meant by Security? The OS provides security features to restrict access to the system or particular files.
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