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-ee Suffix meaning object of action Example: Employee
Vac A root meaning empty Example: Vacant
Micro A root meaning small Example: Example microscope
Ped A root meaning foot Example: Pedestal
spec A root meaning see Example: Inspect
dur A root meaning to harden, to hold Example: Durable
ian A suffix meaning a person Example: Musician
post A prefix meaning after, later Example: Postpone
ous A suffix that means full of Example: Joyous
uni A prefix meaning one, single Example: Uniform
aqua A root meaning water Example: Aquarium
nav A root meaning ship Example: Ship
psych A root meaning mind, soul Example: psychology
hood A suffix meaning state or quality of Example: Childhood
counter A prefix that means against, opposed to Example: Counterterror
logy A suffix that means science of, study of Example: Cardiology
poly A root that means much, many Example: Polygon
brev A root meaning short Example: Abbreviation
ortho A root that means straight, right Example: Orthodontist
cred A root that means believe Example: Credible
culpa A root meaning blame Example: Culprit
derm A root word that means skin Example: Dermatologist
ocu A root that means eye Example: Oculist
urb A root meaning city Example: Urban
ure A suffix meaning action or process Example: Censure
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