Prefix/Suffix/ roots

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learn prefixes suffixes and roots

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Prefix/Suffix/ roots
1 Prefixes
1.1 Auto means self. Examples- Automatic Autopilot Autobiography
1.2 Micro means small. Examples microchip microscope microbiology
1.3 multi means many, much. Examples multicolored multimedia multitask
1.4 dys means not normal. Examples dyslexia dysfunctional dyspepsia
1.5 fore means before. Examples foreclose foresee foreground
2 Uni means one, single. Examples unicycle uniform unilateral
2.1 Semi means partly, half. Examples semicircle semiannual semicolon
2.2 mal means bad. Examples malevolent maladjusted malpractice
3 Suffix
3.1 Ous means full of. Examples devious bulbous duteous
3.1.1 Ess means one who (female). Examples waitress princess actress
3.1.2 ion means state of quality of. Examples champion ambition suspicion
3.2 ian means person. Example Italian musician Parisian
3.2.1 age means action, process. Examples voyage marriage pilgrimage
3.3 hood means state or quality of. Examples childhood adulthood nationhood
3.3.1 ism means principle of. Examples patriotism communism capitalism
3.4 Ist means one who practices. Examples biologist dentist artist
4 Roots
4.1 Aqua means water. Examples aquarium aquifer aquatic
4.2 Spec means see. Examples inspect suspect respect
4.3 Cred means believe. Examples credit discredit incredible
4.4 Dem means people. Examples epidemic endemic democracy
4.5 Phon means sound. Examples phone microphone telephone
4.6 Photo means light. Examples photograph photogenic telephoto
4.7 aud means hear. Examples audible audience audition
4.8 sol/solli means alone. Examples solo solitude desolate
4.9 Graph means paper. Examples autograph photograph biography
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