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List 4 types of software? Off the shelf Open Source Proprietary Custom Written
Define Custom Written software Developed specifically for a particular organisation
Advantage of Custom Written Software? Custom made to meet exact purposes
Disadvantage of Custom Written Software? Very expensive and need technical expertise to develop
Define Off-the-Shelf software Developed by a software company to be sold to the general public
Advantage of Off-the-Shelf Software? Cheaper than developing it yourself. Tech support avaiable
Disadvantage of Off-the-Shelf Software? Inflexible -might not do everything you want it to do
Define Open Source Software Written by general public for everyone to use. Source code provided so software can be tweaked
Advantage of Open Source Software? Allows anyone to use/adopt the software to meet their needs. Collaborative approach to development which can lead to better quality software
Disadvantage of Open Source Software? By making source code available to all, it provides the opportunity for people to "take advantage" of software installed on users' computers compromising security.
Define Proprietary Software Written by developer and allowed to be used by others but with certain restrictions. e.g. can't adapt software. Source code is hidden
Advantage of Proprietary Software? Can allow for different versions of same software e.g. Educational version with limited functionality or full-functionality version costing more
Disadvantage of Proprietary Software? Source code cannot be inspected so may contain spyware or other malicious features within the software
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