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Convert Binary to Hex e.g. 00001111 Step 1: Break your Byte into 2 Nibbles 0000 1111 Step 2: The first nibble will represent the first Hex Digit (e.g. 0) Step 3: The second nibble will represent the second Hex Digit (e.g. 15) Step 4: Place your two digits together and don't forget to use the Hex number system! 0|15 = 0|F
11111111 to Hex FF
11110000 to Hex F0
Convert Hex to Binary e.g. F2 Each digit represents 1 nibble. Step 1: The first digit F is equivalent to 15. 15 in binary is 1111 Step 2: The second digit 2 in binary is 0010 Step 3: Place the 2 nibbles together 11110010 F2 = 11110010
E7 11100111
24 00100100
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