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An overview of some storage devices
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What are ROM optical storage devices? Read Only Memory Came in the form of disks that had permanent unchanged storage Legacy storage tech
CD-ROM’s Compact Disk Read Only Memory 700MB capacity
DVD-ROM Digital Versatile Disk-Read Only Memory 4.7GB (for a single layer) 8.5 GB (for a dual-layer DVD)
BLu-Ray 25GB (single layer) 50GB (dual layer)
CD-RW Compact Disc Rewritable
DVD-R/RW Digital Versatile Disc-Read/Rewritable
BD-R BLu-Ray Disc Rewritable
BD-RE BLu-Ray Disc Recordable Erasable
What are Solid State Drives (SSD’s)? No moving parts and non-volatile memory Much faster read/write ability Produced less heat and less susceptible to damage More expensive and Finite number of writes
What is a driver? A piece of software that helps the OS to “speak” to the hardware
What is an M.2 card? Smaller form factor of storage device. Inserts into the expansion bus Common cards have an “M” or “B” key (can have A/E keys that serve other functions) MOBO can support one or both depending
What bus does the “M” key on an M.2 use on the MOBO? Uses max of PCIe X 4
What bus does the “B” key on an M.2 card use? Can use the PCIe X 2
What can an M.2 card support? Bluetooth, NFC, GPS, WiFi, PCIe and SATA connections
What are M.2 cards also labeled with? Their size
What is a Hard Disk Drive (HDD)? Storage Device with spinning drive and magnetic storage Random access Potential to break
How does the speed work for HDDs? Measured in revolutions per minute (rpm) which refers to the rotation of its disk The faster or larger the revolutions, the less latency there is which equals better performance
15,000rpms = how many milliseconds (ms)of latency? 2
10,000rpms=how many ms of latency? 3
7,200rpms=how many ms of latency? 4.16
5,400rpms = how many ms of latency? 5.55
What typically uses the HDDs with the highest rpms? Places like data centers
What typically uses HDDs with the lowest rpms? Your desktops
What do HDDs connect to on the MOBO SATA and PATA interfaces
What are Hybrid drives? Combines the characteristics of Solid state drives and Hard disk drives
What are SSHDs? Solid State Hybrid Drives Has a spinning drive and SSD in on device The HHD part is used for storage while the SSD part is used as cache Allows to write quickly and store while able to multitask
What are USB Flash Drives? Extremely portable, compact storage device that is non-volatile Has limited number of writes (storage) Not good for permanent storage by of its size and easy to lose
What does non-volatile memory mean? Means that you can disconnect the device without having to power it down and it can still retain the data on it.
What is an NVMe? Non-volatile Memory Express Supports SATA and PCIe Can fit into M.2 slots Can be used as a bootable source if MOBO supports it
What is RAID? Redundant Array of Independent/Inexpensive Disks A backup system for when drives fail that share info across multiple drives
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