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More in depth look at how power supplies work to power a computer and where power comes from. Also how electricity works
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What is an Amp? Ampere (Amp, A) The rate of electron flow past a point in one second *the diameter of a water hose
What is a Volt? Voltage(volt, V) Electrical “pressure” pushing the electrons *how open the faucet is
What is a Watt? Wattage (watt, W) Measurement of real power use *the total amount of water
How do you calculate wattage? Volts X Amps= watts
What is an Ohm? How much resistance or barrier something creates against electricity
What is AC? Alternating Current Constantly reversing the direction of power Comes out of power outlets
What is he voltage of AC in US/Canada? 110-120v at 60HZ (hertz)
What is the voltage of AC in Europe? 220-240v at 50HZ
What is DC? Direct Current Moves in one direction with constant voltage
What happens if you plug a device that needs more power Your device won’t work but no serious harm will happen
What happens if plug in a device to a higher power source? Can seriously damage your device
How much power does the Molex power connector supply? Provides +3.3v, +/-5v, and +/-12v
What is +12v on the Molex used to power what components? Powers larger components like PCIe adapters, hard drive motors, cooling fans
What does the +5v help to power? Can help to power M.2 slots and RAM slots
What does +3.3v help to power? With MOBOs being more efficient, +3.3v now power M.2 and RAM slots
What does -12v power? On older computers they power integrated LANs, serial ports, PCI cards *don’t see this much these days
What does -5v help to power? Powers older components that you don’t see much these days
What are power supplies rated in? Watts
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