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Watership Down Part1

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Dissension (noun) strong disagreement in opinion, fight
Devolve (verb) to pass on to another set of duties, responsibilities, etc.
Shrewd (adjective) clever or sharp in practical affairs
Onslaught (noun) violent attack
Buoyant (adjective) having the ability or tendency to float
Impel (verb) to drive or move forward; to force compel or urge
Ubiquitous (adjective) being everywhere at once
Lassitude (noun) weariness or fatigue
Undaunted (adjective) not discouraged or dismayed
hoax (noun) trick or fraud
Peril (noun) Something that may cause harm; exposure to harm and injury
Sinister (adjective) threatening, harm, evil, wicked
Staunch (adjective) steadfast, strong, solid, loyal
Propitious (adjective) presenting favorable conditions
Furtive (adjective) done or acting in a sneaky,secretive way; secretive
Torpid (adjective) Inactive, sluggish, slow
Verge (noun) Something that borders or bounds
Deceive (verb) To trick or mislead
Conspicuous (adjective) Easy to see; easily seen or noticed
Acquiescence (noun) Unspoken agreement or consent by silence or without objection
Adroit (adjective) skillful and clever with hands/mind
Lout (noun) a clumsy, stupid fellow, awkward, ill mannered
Incredulous (adjective) unwilling to believe; skeptical; disinclined to believe
Pungent (adjective) producing a sharp sensation of taste or smell
Gregarious (adjective) sociable, fun of company
Urbane (adjective) very polite or polished in manner; sophisticated; very elegant
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