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Have you reached knowledge saturation point, but there's lots left to know? Or maybe you are just interested in Oedipus and the quotes that are the most vague and easiest to remember/apply in an essay? Well, welcome in!

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Oedipus- 'Children' 'My poor children'
Priest to Oedipus- 'the God with spear of fire'
Tiresias- 'I am free, for I have in me the strength of truth'
Tiresias- 'This day shall give you birth and death in one'
Creon- 'A mind well-balanced cannot turn to crime'
Oedipus- 'city, my city!'
Chorus- 'Time who sees everything'
Senator to blind Oedipus- 'better for thee now to die, than live on in blindness'
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