Chapter 3: Building a Nation

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Briefly describe Victorian attitudes and values They stressed morals and hard work. Conscious of social class and status, it was a positive outlook
What were some f the scientific breakthroughs of the time? Railways and Steamships, X-rays, Vitamins, Bacteria, Insulation, Pasteurization, Vaccines
What economic changes did Britain do and how did this affect Canada? British government repealed corn laws, Put a lower tariff on only Canadian grain coming into Britain, caused a depression and made unions appealing
Why did Lord Elgin sign the Rebellion Losses Bill and what did it do? He signed it to follow principle of responsible government, he felt he shouldn't veto something that already had been passed by the elected assembly Result: burned to parliament buildings in Montreal
What were some of the advantages of confederation? Inter-colonial railway, trade and economical stability, improve system of government (got rid of double majority)
What were some of the disadvantages of Confederation? French worried about being the minority losing culture, federal government has more power than provincial government, , no one knew how system would work
How did American threats push the idea of Confederation? Americans believed in manifest destiny. Canada believed that US was going to take over the colonies/feared the Finian attack as a result Canada wanted to join as soon as possible
What role did the Great Coalition play in achieving Confederation? Joined political leaders together to finalize the joining of Canada east and west, Brown, Mcdonald, Cartier (BMC) used co-operation and compromise
What 4 provinces agreed to the terms and what year did this happen? Quebec, New Brunswick, Ontario, Nova Scotia on July 1st 1867 ] (Quiet Nerds Burp Only Near School)
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