Socials 8 Protestant Reformation and Counter Reformation

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What is predestination? Predestination is the belief that God has already decided who is going to Heaven and who isn't, before you were even born.
Why did Henry VIII separate from the Roman Catholic Church? He wanted to divorce Catherine of Aragon so that he could marry Anne Boleyn but the church would not allow it.
What were the 95 theses? The 95 theses were ninety-five things that Martin Luther did not like about the Catholic Church.
Give four examples of Protestant religions. United Church Baptist Presbyterian Anglican
What is nepotism? Nepotism was the act of giving roles in the church to family members or relatives.
What were indulgences? Indulgences were when Catholics would pay the church to have sins forgiven and to release a relative or family from purgatory.
What is the Diet of Worms? The Diet of Worms was an imperial assembly held in Worms, Germany.
How did humanism affect Luther's Ninety Five Theses? Humanists were not afraid to question previously held beliefs.
List three differences between the beliefs of the Reformation religions and the Catholic Church. 1. Luther believed that everyone should interpret the bible for themselves and that priests could marry. 2. Calvin believed in predestination, which was the idea that who went to Heaven was already decided by God. 3. Henry VIII decided to let people divorce.
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