Exam Technique- King Lear and Oedipus Rex

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Introduction 2 or 3 sentences, outlining 1. Argument sentence 2. different factors 3. Oedipus comparison
middle paragraphs You want three main paragraphs
middle paragraphs 1. Lear 2. Lear, Oedipus, Lear 3. Lear (Oedipus)
Length of Essay About 3 sides, for averagely-sized handwriting. With 3 main paragraphs, that means each paragraph would ideally be nearly a page for each paragraph. Yes, you can do it!
How many quotes? Minimum 3, maximum 6, I'd say.
Introduction Top tip: link social/historical context in with the introduction!
How to make the conclusion NOT BE the introduction: Intro: look down at what follows Conc: Look up at what just said.
Conclusion: Allow two sentences that look beyond what you've just said, e.g. extra points that don't fit, ask questions, show thought, e.g. '...what remains....is Shakespear suggesting......?'
Also Say 'pride' or 'hubris' rather than arrogance, it sounds more thought-through.
Critics and Soc/Hist context Put at least one critic and or soc/hist context in. Alternative readings also help! Squeeze them in if you see how someone else could differently interpret something.
Lastly, good luck! Remember: Lear, Lear Oedip Lear, and then Lear (Oedip) PCQA or PCQACQA variations will do the trick! ........................ 1a04f7ca-9e49-447e-a72c-d9f5fd98d4d5.jpg (image/jpg)
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