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1-When ended the seven years war? Ended in 1763
2-was a factor that played a role in causing the french revolution and the Independence of the three colinies in north america? The expenses of the war produced economic problems
3-what was one of the effects of the seven years war? Was the introduction of a series of trade restrictions and tax increases in the settled british colonies in north america
4-where was the first continental congress met with delegates from various colinies? In philadelphia In philadelphia
5-when was the first continental congress met with delegates from various colinies? Was in 1774
6-when George Washington he declared the Independence? On july 4 in 1776
7-when was established a presidential federal system in the united States? In 1787
8-who was elected as the first president? George Washington
9-what was the rights of its citizens? Freedom, security, private property, and freedom of conscience and expression
10-why had importance the french revolution? Given the end tho the ancien regime and opened the way to a new model of society, where authority rests with the people
11-what finished and started the french revolution? Finished the moderna ge and the beginnin of the contemporary age
12-what were the most important causes of the french revolution? A stratified society dominated franch before the revolution
13- what were the States that was divided? These States were the nobility, clergy and the state level
14-who defended individual rights with her ideas? Rousseau, Montesquieu, Voltaire and Locke
15-wich were the first stage of the french revolution? Meeting of the estates-general
16- how long the period constituent assembly? 1789-1792 (3 years)
17-How long the period National convention? 1792-1795 (3 years)
18-How long the period the french directory? 1795-1799 (4 years)
19-wich was the last stage of the french revolution? Napolionic era
20- how long the period the napolionic era? 1799-1814 (15 years)
21-when was detained louis XVI? In june 1791
22-what was characterized the National convention? By a clash between the girondins, moderate revolucionary representatives of the grand bourgueoisie, and the jacobins, representatives of the petite bourgueoisie
23-in what period the figure of napoleon Bonaparte emerged? Of the directory
24-the napolionic wars is also called how.. Napolionic period
26-what created the french revolution? A society of citizens with obligations and rights enshrined in that constitution
28-between what years, france fought and defeat the coalition of Austria, prussia, england, spain and piedmont? Between 1792-1797
29-when Bonaparte declared the french empire? In 1804
30-and what planned in this same year? Planned an invasión of england
31-when was the battle of trafalgar? In octubre 1805
32-what battle happened in october 1805? The battle of trafalgar
33-when france faced a new coalition of prussia, saxony and russia? Between 1806 and 1807
34-Napoleon defeated the russians, who were forced to make peace in..(what year) 1807
35-when Napoleon invaded spain? In 1808
36-when england and Austria again formed a new coalition to face france? In 1809
37- From where napoleon escaped? Escaped from Elba Island
38-When escaped? In march 1815
39-when start the Independence of México? Start in 1810
40-when finish the Independence of México? Finish in 1821
41-what were the 2 important figures in the early stages of the revolution ? Miguel hidalgo and José María Morelos
42-what was the contribution of John Kay? Flying shuttle
43-When John Kay invented the flaying shuttle? In 1733
44-what created Robert Fulton? A steamboat
45-when was built and tested the first iron ship? In 1832
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