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Family:Adoxaceae Scientific name: Sambucus nigra Common names: Black elder, elderberry, elderflower Origin:Eurasia, Mediterranean Treats bronchitis, cough, upper respiratory infections, and fever
Family: Alliaceae Scientific name: Allium cepa Common name: onion Origin: Near East Treats upper respiratory infections, inflammation of mouth and pharynx, cough, bronchitis, loss of appetite, arteriosclerosis, and hypertension.
Family: Apiaceae Name: Angelica archangelica Common name: angelica Origin:Syria; naturalized in Europe and Asia Treats dyspeptic discomfort, loss of appetite, and enhances digestion. Fruit used as a diuretic and diaphoretic.
Family: Apiaceae Name: Apium graveolens Common name: celery Origin: Near East/ NE Africa: Naturalized in Eurasia Treats mild anxiety/ agitation, loss of appetite, fatigue, cough, and intestinal worms
Family: Apiaceae Scientific name: Conium maculatum Common name: poison hemlock Origin: Eurasia; naturalized in North America Treats back pain, neuralgia, and muscle pain. Can be used to make arrow poisons.
Family: Apiaceae Scientific name: Levisticum officinale Common name: lovage Origin: Europe Treats urinary tract infections, kidney and bladder stones.
Family: Apiaceae Scientific name: Petroselinum crispum Common name: parsley Origin: Europe to western Asia Treats urinary tract infections, kidney and bladder stones, and halitosis.
Family: Apiaceae Scientific name: Pimpinella anisum Common name: anise Origin: Greece to Egypt Treats fever, colds, coughs, bronchitis, inflammation of the mouth and pharynx, dyspeptic complaints, and loss of appetite.
Family: Apocynaceae Scientific name: Nerium oleander Common name: oleander Origin: Mediterranean Treats congestive heart disease and skin disorders.
Family: Apocynaceae Name: Vinca minor Common name: periwinkle Origin: Central and S. Europe, Mediterranean Enhances blood circulation (esp to brain), and enhances metabolism in the brain.
Family: Araliaceae Scientific name: Hedera Helix Common name: English ivy Origin: Europe, Southwest Asia Treats cough and bronchitis
Family:Astaraceae Scientific name: Achillea millefolium Common name: yarrow Origin: Europe, western Asia Treat dyspeptic discomfort, liver and gallbladder problems, and reduces bleeding.
Family: Asteraceae Scientific name: Artemisia absinthium Common names: absinthe, wormwood Origin: Europe, Asia, northern Africa Treats intestinal worms and is used as a stimulant.
Family: Asteraceae Scientific name: Artemisia dracunculus Common names: tarragon, dragon herb Origin: Eurasia Used as an appetite stimulant
Family: Asteraceae Scientific name: Artemisia vulgaris Common name: mugwort Origin: Eurasia Treats intestinal worms, muscle weakness, epilepsy, insomnia, and anxiety.
Family: Asteraceae Scientific name: Calendula officinalis Common name: marigold, calendula Origin: Eurasia Treats skin wounds, burns, eczema
Family:Asteraceae Scientific name: Anthemis nobilis Common name: Roman chamomile Origin: Europe, Mediterranean, North Africa Treats nervousness, hysteria, general debility, headache, earache, and toothache.
Family: Asteraceae Scientific name: Cynara scolymus Common name: globe artichoke Origin: southern Europe Treats gallstones. Used as a choleretic (increases bile production) and as a tonic for convalescence.
Family: Asteraceae Scientific name: Matricaria discoidea Common name: pineappleweed Origin: Europe; naturalized in N. America Treats upper respiratory infections, stomachaches, and menstrual cramps.
Family: Asteraceae Scientific name: Tanacetum parthenium Common name: feverfew Origin: Europe Treats migraine, arthritis, rheumatic diseases.
Family: Asteraceae Scientific name: Tanacetum vulgare Common name: tansy Treats migraine, neuralgia, rheumatism, and helminthic infections.
Family: Asteraceae Scientific name: Cichorium intybus Common name: chicory Origin: Europe; naturalized in North America Treats dyspeptic discomfort, intestinal worms, Type 2 diabetes mellitus, and is used as a laxative for children
Family: Asteraceae Scientific name: Taraxacum officinale Common name: dandelion Origin: Eurasia; weedy throughout the world Treats urinary tract infections, Type 2 diabetes mellitus,and enhances bile flow. Is used as a diuretic and as an appetite stimulant.
Family: Asparagaceae Scientific Name: Asparagus officinalis Common name: asparagus Origin: Europe, North America Treats urinary tract infections, kidney and bladder stones.
Family: Berberidaceae Name: Berberis vulgaris, Berberis spp. Common name: barberry Origin: Europe Treats UTIs, bacillary dysentery, Entamoeba histolytica dysentery, Giardia lamblia diarrhea, cholera, and AIDS-related diarrhea.
Family: Boraginaceae Scientific name: Pulmonaria officinalis Common name: lungwort Origin: Europe Treats lung infections; ailments of the kidneys, urinary tract and gastroinstestinal tract.
Family: Brassicaceae Name: Nasturtium nasturtium-aquacitum Common name: Watercress Origin: Eurasia Treats cough and bronchitis. Used as a diuretic.
Family: Brassicaceae Scientific name: Capsella-bursa pastoris Common name: shepherd's purse Origin: Europe Treats hypertension, cardiac insufficiency, cardiac arrhythmias, and PMS.
Family: Cannabaceae Scientific name: Humulus lupulus Common name: hops Treats insomnia and nervousness. Is a sedative.
Family: Caryophyllaceae Scientific name: Saponaria officinalis Common name: soapwort Origin: Eurasia; naturalized in North America Treats cough and bronchitis. Used as a galactogogue.
Family: Cupressaceae Scientific name: Juniperus communis Common name: juniper Origin: Northern Hemisphere Treats UTIs, dyspeptic complaints, and loss of appetite.
Family: Ericaceae Scientific name: Calluna vulgaris Common name: heather Origin: Scotland, Europe, Asia Minor; naturalized in Atlantic coast and N. America Treats enlarged prostate glands, gout, and diarrhea. Is used as a diuretic.
Family: Ericaceae Scientific name: Vaccinium myrtillus Common name: bilberry Treats diarrhea and inflammation of mouth and pharynx. Important for eye health and enhances night vision.
Family: Fabaceae Scientific name: Glycyrrhiza glabra Common name: licorice Origin: Mediterranean to Central Asia Treats elevated cholesterol levels, sore throat, Used as a sweetener.
Family: Fabaceae Scientific name: Melilotus officinalis Common name: sweet clover Origin: Eurasia; naturalized in N. America Treats thrombophlebitis, hemorrhoids, venous problems, blunt injuries.
Family: Fabaceae Scientific name: Trifolium pratense Common name: red clover Origin: Europe to Afghanistan; naturalized in N. America Treats cough, respiratory infection, psoriasis and eczema.
Family: Hypericaceae Scientific name: Hypericum perforatum Common name: St. John's wort Origin: Europe, Mediterranean to Central China; naturalized in North America Treats depression, anxiety, and Type 2 diabetes.
Family: Lamiaceae Scientific name: Lavendula angustifolia Common name: Lavender Origin: Western Mediterranean Treats insomnia, nervousness, and anxiety. Used as an antiseptic.
Family: Lamiaceae Scientific name: Leonurus cardiaca Common name: motherwort Origin: Near East Treats cardiac arrhythmias and cardiac insufficiency.
Family: Lamiaceae Scientific name: Marrubium vulgare Common name: white horehound Origin: Eurasia, North Africa Treats cough and bronchitis.
Family: Lamiaceae Scientific name: Melissa officinalis Common names: lemon balm, sweet Melissa Treats insomnia, nervousness, and anxiety
Family: Lamiaceae Scientific name: Mentha x piperita Common name: central and southern Europe Treat digestive problems, intestinal spasms, irritable bowel syndrome, and rheumatism. Used as a rubefacient.
Family: Lamiaceae Scientific name: Mentha pulegium Common name: pennyroyal Origin: Eurasia Treats skin infections, upper respiratory infections, digestive and gallbladder disorders. Used as an abortifacient.
Family: Lamiaceae Scientific name: Mentha spicata Common name: spearmint Origin: Central and Southern Europe Treats digestive problems and flatulence.
Family: Lamiaceae Scientific name: Nepeta cataria Common name: catnip Origin: Mediterranean Treat colic in infants, migraines, nervousness, and anxiety.
Family: Lamiaceae Scientific name: Origanum vulgare Common name: oregano Origin: Europe to Central Asia Treats rhinitis, upper respiratory infections in infants and children, and migraines.
Family: Lamiaceae Scientific name: Rosmarinus officinalis Common name: rosemary Origin: Europe, Mediterranean Treats hypertension and rheumatism.
Family: Lamiaceae Scientific name: Salvia officinalis Common name: sage Origin: southern Europe, Mediterranean Treats excess perspiration, inflammation of the mouth and pharynx, and bleeding gums.
Family: Lamiaceae Scientific name: Satureja montana Common name: mountain savory Origin: Europe, Mediterranean Treats acute enteritis (intestinal inflammation).
Family: Lamiaceae Scientific name: Teucrium chamaedrys Common name: germander Origin: Europe Treats fever, enhances digestion, and helps weight loss.
Family: Lamiaceae Scientific name: Thymus vulgaris Common name: Thyme Origin: Western Mediterranean to SE Italy Treats expectorant bronchitis and bronchospasms.
Family: Lamiaceae Scientific name: Vitex agnus-castus Common names: chasteberry, vitex Origin: southern Europe Reduces sexual desire and lactation. Treats premenstrual syndrome and menopausal complaints.
Family: Lauraceae Scientific name: Laurus nobilis Common name: laurel, bay leaf Origin: Western Mediterranean to SE Italy Treats rheumatism. Used as a rubefacient.
Family: Linaceae Scientific name: Linum usitatissimum Common name: flax, flaxseed Origin: Western Europe, Mediterranean Treats skin inflammation, constipation. Reduce risk of developing breast cancer and coronary heart disease.
Family: Lythraceae Scientific name: Punica granatum Common name: pomegranate Origin: SE Europe and Near East to Himalayas Treats dysentery, paralysis, and intestinal worms.
Family: Myrtaceae Scientific name: Myrtus communis Common name: myrtle Origin: Europe, Mediterranean Treats tuberculosis, whooping cough, intestinal worms, and diarrhea.
Family: Papaveraceae Scientific name: Papaver somniferum Common name: opium poppy Treats diarrhea and cough. Used as an analgesic, inebriant, and hynotic.
Family: Plantaginaceae Scientific name: Digitalis purpurea. Common name: foxglove Origin: central and SE Europe; naturalized in North America Used as a cardiac stimulant to treat congestive heart disease.
Family: Poaceae Scientific name: Avena sativa Common name: oats Origin: Mediterranean Treats pruritus of skin (itching) and eczema. Lowers cholesterol.
Family: Polygonaceae Scientific name: Rumex acetosa Common name: sorrel Treats nasal mucosa inflammation (rhinitis).
Family: Ranunculaceae Scientific name: Aquilegia vulgaris Common name: columbine Origin: Europe Enhances gall bladder function (cholagogue). Has a tranquilizing effect to treat agitation.
Family: Rhamnaceae Species: Rhamnus frangula Common name: buckthorn Origin: N. Hemisphere Treats constipation
Family: Rosaceae Scientific name: Agrimonia eupatoria Common name: agrimony Origin: Europe Treats diarrhea, inflammation of the mouth and pharynx, and intestinal helminthic (worm) infections.
Family: Rosaceae Scientific name: Alchemilla vulgaris Common name: lady's mantle Origin: Europe Treats diarrhea, mouth and throat inflammation, and eczema.
Family: Rosaceae Scientific name: Filipendula ulmaria Common name: meadowsweet Treats arthritis and pain.
Family: Rosaceae Scientific name: Fragaria vesca Common name: Wild strawberry Origin: Northern Hemisphere Treats diarrhea. Used as a diuretic.
Family: Rubicaceae Scientific name: Galium odoratum Common name: Woodruff Origin: Europe, western Asia, northern Africa Treats neervous agitation, hysteria, insomnia, and menstrual disorders.
Family: Rutaceae Scientific name: Ruta graveolens Common name: rue Origin: southern Europe Treats menstrual disorders. Used as a female contraceptive and an abortive agent.
Family: Salicaceae Scientific name: Salix spp. Common name: Willow Origin: Northern Hemisphere Used as an analgeic, anti-inflammatory, and antipyretic (treats fevers). Treats headache.
Family: Sapindaceae Scientific name: Aesculus hippocastanum Common name: horse chestnut, buckeye Origin: Europe to South Asia Treats varicose veins and other forms of chronic venous insufficiency.
Family:Scrophulariaceae Scientific name: Verbascum thapsus Common name: Mullein Origin: Eurasia; naturalized in N.America Treats cough and bronchitis
Family: Urticaceae Scientific name: Urtica dioica Common name: stinging nettle Origin: Eurasia Used as a diuretic. Treats swollen prostate (benign prostatic hypertrophy) and arthritis.
Family: Valerianaceae Scientific name: Valeriana officinalis Common name: valarian Origin: Eurasia Treats insomnia and nervousness
Family: Vitaceae Scientific name: Vitis vinifera Common name: grape Origin: Europe Taken as an antioxidant. Reduces development of coronary artery disease.
Family: Asteraceae Scientific name: Silybum marianum Common name: blessed milk thistle Origin: Europe Protects liver, prevents hepatitis, and is an antidote for Amanita poisoning.
Family: Alliaceae Scientific name: Allium sativum Common name: Garlic Origin: Asia Used as an antimicrobial and a hyperlipidemic.
Family: Apiaceae Scientific name: Anethum graveolens Common name: dill Origin: SW Asia; naturalized in Eurasia and N. America Treats stomach discomfort, upper sepiratory tract infections, GI tract infections. Enhances digestion and is used for dyspeptic conditions.
Family: Celastraceae Scientific name: Catha edulis Common names: khat, qat, cafta Origin: SW Arabia to S. Africa; cultivated in Ethiopia, Somalia, and Yemen Enhances communication abilities. Used as a stimulant and aphrodisiac.
Family: Apiaceae Scientific name: Coriandrum sativum Common names: coriander , cilantro Origin: SW Asia Treats dyspeptic discomfort and enhances digestion.
Family: Campanulaceae Scientific Name: Platycodon grandiflorus Common name: balloonflower Origin: Asia Treats cough, sore throat, and lung abscesses.
Family: Araceae Scientific name: Lemna minor Common name: duckweed Origin: cosmopolitan Treats headache, bodyache with common cold, measles, and eczema.
Family: Araceae Scientific name: Pinellia ternata Common name: pinellia Origin: Asia Treat nausea and swollen thyroid glands.
Family: Araliaceae Scientific name: Cussonia spicata Common name: cussonia Origin: South Africa Treats fever, venereal disease, dysmenorrhea, and malaria. Used as a laxative.
Family: Burseraceae Scientific name: Boswellia sacra Common name: frankincense Origin: East Africa, Arabia Treats skin infections and respiratory infections.
Family: Brassicaceae Scientific name: Isatis tinctoria Common name: woad Origin: Asia Treats mumps, painful swollen throat, infectious hepatitis, and headache.
Family: Asteraceae Scientific name: Arctium lappa Common name: burdock Origin: Eurasia Used as a diuretic and diaphoretic. Used for blood purification.
Family: Brassicaceae Scientific name: Armoria rusticana Common name: horseradish Origin: SW and Central Asia Treats UTIs, bronchitis, and coughs.
Family: Eucommiaceae Scientific name: Eucommia ulmoides Common name: Eucommia Origin: Asia Treats lower back pain, aching knees, and prevents miscarriages.
Family: Euphorbiaceae Scientific name: Acalypha hispida Common names: chenille plant, acalypha Origin: Asia Treats asthma and dysentery.
Family: Lamiaceae Scientific name: Prunella vulgaris Common name: self heal Origin: Asia Treats enlarged lymph nodes, breast abscesses, eye pain, headache, and dizziness.
Family: Lauraceae Scientific name: Cinnamomum camphora Common name: Camphor Origin: Asia Used as a topical analgesic, antipruritic, and antiinfective.
Family: Cucurbitaceae Scientific name: Momordica charanita Common names: bitter melon, leprosy gourd, and ku gua. Origin: Africa or Asia Treats Type 2 diabetes mellitus
Family: Melianthaceae Scientific name: Melianthus comosus Common name: honeyflower Origin: Africa Treats snakebite and gall bladder disease.
Family: Nelumbonaceae Scientific name: Nelumbo nucifera Common name: lotus Origin: South and SE Asia Treiarrhea, intestinal worms, type 2 diabetes mellitus, and is an astringent to stop bleeding.
Family: Polyporiaceae Scientific name: Lentinus edodes Common name: shiitake Origin: Asia Used to lower blood pressure and normalize metabolism.
Family: Loganiaceae Scientific name: Strychnos nux-vomica Common name: strychnine tree, nux vomica Origin: SE Asia Used as a CNS stimulant and rodenticide. Treats nausea.
Family: Myrtaceae Scientific name: Eucalyptus globulus Common name: eucalyptus, blue gum Origin: Australia Used as a laxative to treat constipation.
Family: Ebenaceae Common name: Diospyros kaki Origin: Asia Treats constipation, hemorrhoids, diarrhea, and dysentery. Stops bleeding.
Family: Euphorbiaceae Scientific name: Ricinus communis Common name: castor oil, castor plant Origin: East and NE Africa; Middle East Used as a laxative and cathartic. Facilitates labor/childbirth.
Family: Zingiberaceae Scientific name: Kaempferia galanga Common names: galanga, galangal, sand ginger Origin: SE Asia Enhances digestion and treats intestinal infections.
Family: Zingiberaceae Scientific name: Zingiber officinale Common name: ginger Origin: Asia Used as a stimulant and carminative. Treats dyspepsia.
Family: Ginkgoaceae Scientific name: Ginkgo biloba Common names: ginkgo, maidenhair Origin: Asia Treats senility, Alzheimer's disease, and recovery from stroke. Enhances mental function, cerebral circulation, and the body's blood circulation.
Family: Rubiaceae Scientific name: Coffea arabica Common name: coffee Origin: East Africa Used as a stimulant and reduces development of gallstones.
Family: Xanthorrhoeaceae Scientific name: Aloe vera, Aloe spp. Common name: aloe Origin: South and East Africa. South Asia Treat burns, abrasions, constipation, intestinal worms, and type 2 diabetes.
Family: Zingiberaceae Scientific name: Curcuma longa Common name: tumeric Origin: Asia Used as a condiment, dye, digestive stimulant, and antimicrobial. Treats intestinal worms, constipation, liver disease, skin infections, boils, open wounds, sprains, and bruises.
Family: Apiaceae Scientific name: Foeniculum vulgare Common name: fennel Origin: Asia Treats nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, dyspepsia, intestinal spasms, diarrhea, colic in infants, and type 2 diabetes mellitus.
Family: Rosaceae Scientific name: Agrimonia pilosa Common name: hairy agrimony Origin: Asia Treats external bleeding from wounds or burns and spitting up blood.
Family: Piperaceae Scientific name: Piper negrum Common name: black pepper Origin: Southern India, Sri Lanka Enhances digestion. Treats upper respiratory infections and GI tract infections.
Family: Poaceae Scientific name: Cymbopogon citratus Common name: lemongrass Origin: southern India, Sri Lanka Treats rheumatic pain, neuralgia, sprains, bronchitis, fever, upset stomach, and intestinal parasites.
Family: Rosaceae Scientific name: Chaenomeles speciosa Common name: flowering quince Origin: Asia Treats arthritis, leg edema, and cramping in calf muscles.
Family: Theaceae Scientific name: Camellia sinensis Common name: tea Origin: Asia Treat asthma, angina pectoris, peripheral vascular disease, and coronary heart disease. Used as a bronchodilator.
Family: Schisandraceae Scientific name: Schisandra chinensis Common name: schisandra, wu wei zi Origin: Asia Treats wheezing, cough, insomnia, excess sweating, and night sweating.
Family: Rutaceae Common name: Murraya koenigii Origin: India, Sri Lanka Treats diarrhea, dysentery, intestinal worms, headache, toothache, hypertension. Has antimicrobial effects and reduces tooth decay.Used as a stimulant and antivenin.
Family: Lamiaceae Scientific name: Plectranthus lanuginosus Common name: coleus Origin: Southern Africa Treats hypertension, lice, and asthma.
Family: Rutaceae Scientific name: Citrus reticulata Common name: Mandarin orange Origin: Asia Treat abdominal distension. Enhances digestion. Reduces phlegm.
Family: Saxifragaceae Scientific name: Saxifraga stolonifera Common names: creeping saxifrage, strawberry germanium Origin: Asia Treats middle ear infections, lung abscesses, uterine bleeding, and hemorrhoids.
Family: Paeoniaceae Scientific name: Paeonia lactiflora Common name: Chinese peony Origin: Asia Treats insomnia and anxiety.
Family: Ericaceae Scientific name: Rhododendron molle Common name: Chinese azalea Origin: Asia Used as a sedative and treats hypertension.
Family: Moraceae Scientific name: Morus alba Common name: white mulberry Origin: Asia Treats diabetes, insomnia, premature gray hair, cough, wheezing, edema, headache, dry/sore/red eyes. Promotes urination.
Family: Piperaceae Scientific name: Piper methysticum Common name: kava, kawa, 'awa Origin: Vanuatu, possibly Papua New Guinea and Fiji Used as a euphoriant, tranquilizer, sedative, and anxiolytic.
Family: Oleaceae Scientific name: Olea africana Common name: African olive Origin: Africa Used for antimicrobial qualities. Treats tapeworms and brucellosis.
Family: Strelitziaceae Scientific name: Ravenala madagascariensis Common name: Traveler's palm Origin: Madagascar Treats type 2 diabetes, diarrhea, and anorexia.
Family: Simaroubaceae Scientific name: Alianthus altissima Common name: tree of heaven Origin: Asia Treats abdominal pain, backache, stomachache, gastritis, dysentery, ascariasis, uterine bleeding, and epilepsy.
Family: Ruscaceae Scientific name: Polygonatum odoratum Common name: scented Solomon's-seal Origin: Asia Treats dry throat, cough, irritability, thirst, and constipation.
Family: Araliaceae Scientific name: eleutherococcus gracilistylus Common names: wu jia, eleuthero or Siberian "ginseng" Origin: Asia Treats arthritis, back pain, knee pain. Used as a stimulant to treat fatigue and an immunostimulant to treat infections.
Family: Ephedraceae Scientific name: Ephedra sinica Common name: ma huang, ephedra Origin: China Treats asthma, allergic rhinitis, upper respiratory infections, and colds. Used as a stimulant.
Family: Lauraceae Scientific name: Cinnamomum verum (cinnamon) Common name: Camphor Origin: Asia Treats stomachache, gastritis, and gastric ulcers.
Family: Urticaceae Scientific name: Boehmeria nivea Common name: ramie Origin: Asia Treats thirst, frequent and painful urination, and stops bleeding.
Family: Rosaceae Scientific name: Rosa chinensis Common name: China rose Origin: Asia Treats irregular menstruation, painful menstruation, and swollen thyroid.
Family: Polygonaceae Scientific name: Rheum officinale Common name: rhubarb Origin: Asia Treats constipation, thirst, and to dissolve blood clots and pus eruptions.
Family: Combretaceae Scientific name: Combretum erythrophyllum Common name: combretum Origin: South Asia Treats cough. Used as a purgative and an aphrodisiac.
Family: Rosaceae Scientific name: Sanguisorba officinalis Common names: garden burnet, great burnet Origin: Asia Treats bloody dysentery, nosebleeds, burns, and animal bites.
Family: Poaceae Scientific name: Cymbopogon nardus Common name: citronella grass Origin: Asia Used as an insect repellent.
Family: Zingiberaceae Scientific name: Elettaria cardamomum Origin: Asia Used as a CNS stimulant, cardiotonic, general stimulant, and cardiac stimulant. Treats colds and coughs. Enhances vitality in men.
Family: Burseraceae Scientific name: Commiphora myrrha, C. wightii Common names: myrrh, guggul Origin: East Africa, Arabia Lowers cholesterol. Treats type 2 diabetes, and inflammation of the mouth and pharynx.
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