Exam Technique- Source paper section B

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Kaiser to Fuhrer

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How to mention the source Explain, then support, say number of source and drop in author name occasionally
How much is it out of? Source paper is out of 40.
Don't forget to include Question links in the source paper, they do get easy marks!
In the source paper regarding the sources, you want to make sure that you cross reference analyse
Bring to the exam 3 colours for highlighting several writing pens
The source question will always be about the Nazis
The source question is section B For section B you have more time than section A. The ratio of time to spend on A and B is 3:4.
Knowledge A01 to Source A02 ratio AO1 is out of 16 AO2 is out of 24 so you want a bit more source than knowledge.
There should be about 3 main paragraphs 1. BIG given interpretation- why it is 2. BIG counter argument -why it isn't 3. SMALLER any other views/factors -why this is
Source Analysis Yeah, fine, include it, but ONLY, I said ONLY if it is a primary source WITHIN a source given.
Length of Essay part B About 4 sides?
Good luck to you! (and me lol I need it)
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