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ah come on, no description needed, really now.

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Question Answer
How many marks? 30
How long to spend on it? Section A should take 3/4 of the time that section B does. Ratio 3:4
Paragraphs individual structure: 1st sentence: identify the factor Link the factor to the question Don't say 'another factor' Do say 'A short term/long term factor' Example 1, 2, 3 Analysis and QL explained
How many paragraphs? 4 main paragraphs, for four main factors.
How long should the essay part A be? About 3 sides of A4
remember, NO SOURCES!
Introduction: Factors and what is the most important one, and why.
How many examples to back up factors in each main paragraph? 3 in the first one, which is the one mentioned in the question, 2 in the others if you like.
Conclusion: Short term factor Long term factor Trigger why rhetorical flourish/ terrible, rushed pun
Remember to think SIMPLE
Fear not, for there will not be two questions which are both on the Kaiserreich. Urgh!
Good luck! Thanks, me.
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