Chapter 4: The Northwest


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Compare and contrast the policies of the HBC and NWC HBC: "stay by the bay", managed from Europe, didn't trade alcohol or guns, discouraged relationship with first nation, only directors shared in profits NWC: managed from Montreal, open to trading guns/alcohol, everybody shared in profits, trading post all throughout Canada, encouraged relationships with first nations
Who were the Metis and briefly describe key elements of their culture People of aboriginal/french decent, happened through relationships with traders and first nation woman. bonded over bison hunt, it provided furs and food. Pemmican trade was a vital part of their income. settled in the red river valley "work for work sake" (there is value in hard work)
Why did Selkirk establish a community in the Red River Valley? he felt he could help both tenant farmers and HBC by creating a farming community
What was the purpose of the pemmican proclamation? Miles Mcdonald was worried that crops would fail a second year so he issued the pemmican proclamation
why did the HBC and NWC merge and what was the structure of the new company? The British government feared loss of control of the northwest if both companies failed. NWC - 55 shares HBC - 45 shares
What changes did George Simpson make to the new HBC? He reduced the number of trading posts/ employees and made York boats the main transportation
Why were tensions rising in the red river area during the 1860s? New settlers increased racial tension, the Orange Order (anti french/catholic/metis) led by Christian Sholtz caused problems
Why did Riel create a provisional government? provisional: temporary to help maintain order and to allow people of red river to negotiate an agreement for confederation
What was Macdonald's attitude towards the Metis and Riel? Macdonald was extremely racist toward metis called them miserable half breads. Wanted to assimilate them
Why was the execution of Thomas Scott controversial? He Threatened to kill Riel so his death was a problem he was viewed as a martyr, (killed by a firing squad)
When did Manitoba become a province and why? 1870 because of Red River Rebellion
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