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This Dutch Post-Impressionist painter was not appreciated during his lifetime, but left us masterpieces like "Starry Night" Vincent van Gogh
Movement: Impressionism Artist: Claude Monet Title: Poppies Year: 1886
The first movement in which artists painted outside "en plein air" instead of in a studio. Impressionism
Movement: Fauvism Artist: Henri Matisse Title: Dance Year: 1910
These artists were known as the "wild beasts" Fauves / Fauvists
Movement: Surrealism Artist: René Magritte Title: The Son of Man Year: 1964
These artists often used visible strokes of different colored paints to create colors that blend from a distance and objects that look blurry up close. Impressionists
Movement: Post-Impressionism Artist: Georges Seurat Title: A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte Year: 1884
Georges Seurat was a Post-Impressionist who applied color to his canvas using dots of different, unmixed colors. This technique is called... (It's not stippling) Pointillism (although it is like stippling)
Artist: Pablo Picasso Title: Girl before a Mirror Year: 1932 *this was after & different than Cubism*
The artwork of this movement didn't use realistic perspective, but most people consider it to be very geometric. Cubism
Artist: Henri Matisse Title: Blue Nude II Year: 1952
The artists of this movement were interested in using art to explore and express the subconscious Surrealism
Movement: Post-Impressionism Artist: Vincent van Gogh Title: Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear Year: 1889
The artists of this movement were not at all concerned with realistic color. Fauvism
Movement: Surrealism Artist: Salvador Dali Title: The Persistence of Memory Year: 1931
When paint is applied in thick layers, with no attempt to hide brush/knife strokes, the technique is called... Impasto
Movement: Impressionism Artist: Claude Monet Title: Woman with a Parasol - Madame Monet and Her Son Year: 1875
The first modern art movement in which artists decided to paint everyday people and scenes. Impressionism
Movement: Cubism Artist: Pablo Picasso Title: Pigeon with Green Peas Year: 1911
This artist began to make cut paper collages after undergoing several abdominal surgeries that made it hard to stand up and paint. Henri Matisse
Movement: Post-Impressionism Artist: Vincent van Gogh Title: Starry Night Year: 1889
The artists during this time began using arbitrary color in their paintings, and sometimes used color to create a mood. Post-Impressionism
Movement: Impressionism Artist: Claude Monet Title: The Japanese Footbridge Year: 1899
The most famous Surrealist artist, who planned a short film called "Destino" with Walt Disney that was finally created (long after their deaths) in 2003. Salvador Dali
Movement: Cubism Artist: Pablo Picasso Title: Three Musicians Year: 1921
The artists of this movement captured the subtle way light looked on their subjects. Impressionism
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