Chapter 5: Changes Come to the Praries

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Why were the Metis given scrip and what problems were associated with scrip? A scrip was required in order to gain title to the land reserved for native (160 acres) Problem: recipients had no control over where their land grant was located
Why did the Metis make the Laws of S. Laurent? To better organized bison hunt, strict laws to protect bison (more sustainable)
Why did the Canadian government introduce the Indian Act in 1876? wanted to regulate the lives of the First Nations (assimilate Indians by residential schools and reserves)
What were the causes and consequences of the Northwest Uprising? Cause: Metis having lost struggling to gain tittle to their land Consequence: Metis had to move further up northwest to gain land
Why was the CPR so important to the Northwest Uprising? Troupes could be transported by rail and for nation security
Why was the makeup of Riel's jury controversial? The jury was 100% english and only 1 out of 30 couold speak french, jury wanted clemency
why did Macdonald feel he had to build a railroad quickly? It was part of his National Policy and for elections and Annexation by US
What was the major problem facing he building of the CPR and how did Macdonal overcome that problem? CPR was too expensive Overcame: getting US bankers to invest
What was the Pacific Scandal? When Macdonald needed more money for his campaign Sir Hugh Allen helped out but in return Macdonald promised the railway contract
What was Mackenzie's attitude toward the railroad and how did he try to make BC happy? He thought it was a waste of time and money, conducted a railway survey to make people think they were making progress finding the best route
What are the 3 parts of the National Policy? -Protective tariffs: on American goods -Increased immigration: west -CPR: transport people from east to west
What was the role of the CPR Syndicate? to oversee construction of the CPR, manage finances and finish the railway
How did Van Horne run the CPR? Ran CPR as vice president, forceful, energetic and a dynamic leader. with his leadership CPR finished 5 years ahead of schedule
What role did the Chinese have in the construction of the CPR? They were used as cheap labor on constructing railroad/miners, took money for danger work (working w/ explosives), opened stores and started fruit and veggie farms
Who drove in the last spike of the CPR? Donald Smith
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