Chapter 6: Develpment of British Columbia

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Which Countries were interested in the Oregon Territory? US, Britain, Russia, Canada
How did the British attempt to dominate the area? tried to leave Oregon Territory empty
How did the Cariboo Gold Rush have an impact on the development of BC? Roads were built, boom and bust towns created and debt
What was the intention of the Cariboo Road? What was the result? Meant to create easier access to road, fields. Once finished, the gold rush was already in decline. the government was left in debt bc there wasn't enough tax revenue. Went from Yale to Barkerville.
What advantages would joining Confederation bring to BC? Allowed building of CPR that would help develop BC, a better economic system and responsible government
What were the 3 factions in the confederation debate? Annexations: wanted to join with US Confederationists: wanted to join colonies Anti-Confederationists: remain independent colonies
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