Chapter 7: Emergence of Modern Canada

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Why were French Canadiens unhappy with Laurier when it came to education in Manitoba? Laurier took away the french language and roman catholic schools when more English speaking immigrants arrived in Manitoba
What did Laurier decide when it came to the Boer War? Sent volunteers to help with war
What was Laurier's compromise on the naval issue? The Canadian navy could play a role as part of the British navy but remained under Canadian control
Why were Canadians unhappy with the outcome of the Alaska Boundary dispute? They felt Britain had betrayed them with their choice
What was Sifton's immigration policy? Open door policy but no restrictions on who can immigrate
What are dryland farmers and why were they wanted in Canada? Farmers that practice in regions with limited rainfall. The government favored them because they wanted them to help settle the land in the prairies "the last best west"
What did unions attempt to do for workers in the early 1900's? to improve lives: stop wage cuts, unsafe working condition and militia
What rights did woman get in the early 1900's? The right to vote (suffrage) Prairies first to agree, Quebec Last
What was the purpose of residential schools and what was life like at the schools? To assimilate aboriginals, there was lots of abuse within schools
How did the Canadian government attempt to stop immigration from China, Japan, India? Chinese: head tax Japanese: 400 Male per year Indian: Continuous Passage Act
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