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RAID 0 Disk striping (striped volume) Split across drives No data redundancy Improves read and write performance Minimum of two drives
RAID 1 Disk Mirroring Two Copies Redundancy
RAID 5 Disk Striping with Parity Multiple Drives Parity Drive Minimum 3 Disks
RAID 10 Mirrored Disk Striping AKA RAID 1+0 Data is striped and redundant Minimum of 4 Drives
ISA Bus Width 8/16 Speed 8 MHz
MCA Bus Width 32 Speed 10 MHz
VLB Bus Width 32 Speed Speed of Local Bus
EISA Bus Width 32 Speed 8 MHz
PCI Bus Width 32/64 Speed 33 MHz
AGP Bus Width 32 Speed 66 MHz
PCMCIA Bus Width 16 Speed 33 MHz  
PCI-X Bus Width 32/64 Speed 66/133/266/ 533 MHz
PCIe Bus Width Serial Speed Multiple lanes each carrying 250 Mbps v2 500 Mbps
USB 1.0 12 Mbps 127 Devices
USB 2.0 480 Mbps 127 Devices
USB 3.0 5 Gbps 127 Devices
IEEE 1394 AKA FireWire 400 Mbps 63 Devices
IEEE 1394b AKA FireWire 800 800 Mbps 63 Devices
FireWire S1600 1.6 Gbps 63 Devices
FireWire S3200 3.2 Gbps 63 Devices
ntldr Windows XP Operating system loader code
boot.ini Windows XP Build the Operating System selection menu Windows XP Performs Hardware Detection
ntoskrnl.exe Windows XP Core Kernel Code responsible for tasks such as thread management
bootmgr Windows Vista and 7 Operating System loader code (like NTLDR)
BCD Windows Vista and 7 Builds the operating system selection menu; similar to boot.ini in Windows XP, but data resides in the BCD store. You can edit the boot configuration data with the bcdedit utility.
winload.exe Windows Vista and 7 Loads windows OS if selected from the menu provided
winresume.exe Windows Vista and 7 Resumes system from Hibernate state
POST 100-199 Motherboard Error
POST 200-299 Memory Error
POST 300-399 Keyboard Error
POST 600-699 Floppy Drive Error
POST 1400-1499 Printer Error
POST 1700-1799 Hard Drive Error
netstat Port 15 TCP displays active TCP connections and other statistics
FTP Port 20 Transfer Data Port 21 Flow Control
SSH Port 22 TCP Remote Run Commands Security
Telnet Port 23 TCP Remote Simple Text No Security
SMTP Port 25 TCP Server to Server Email Xfer
DNS Port 53 UDP/TCP Hostname to IP
TFTP Port 69 UDP FTP, but faster and less reliable
HTTP Port 80 TCP Web Browser
POP3 Port 110 TCP Mail to Client Email Xfer
NNTP Port 119 TCP News Articles
NTP Port 123 TCP Set network Clock
IMAP4   Port 143 TCP Like POP3, more features
SSL Port 443 TCP Security for Browsers
EFS Encrypted File System Can be used with BitLocker Not required for BitLocker
TPM Trusted Platform Module Hardware Chip to preform Pre-boot security test Not required for BitLocker if using a separate boot device containing a key
DB-25 Connector Parallel Port Sometimes Used for Serial Ports, but mostly obsolete
VGA Port Three row 15-pin D Connector
MIDI/Joystick Port Two-Row 15-Pin Connector Some cards can be configured to use the port as a MIDI or Joystick connector with a jumper or software
Corona Wire Creates charge that transfers to the photosensitive drum Danger of electric shock
Fuser Roller Heats up to bond toner to paper Should be off for at least an hour before touching Danger of burns
802.11n 2.4 or 5 GHz 600 Mbps (300 realistically) 300/600 Ft Range
802.11b 2.4 Ghz 11 Mbps 150/300 Ft Range
802.11g 2.4 Ghz 54 Mbps Most devices backwards compatible with 802.11b devices using the 11 Mbps bandwidth 150/300 Ft Range
802.11a 5 Ghz 54 Mbps 50/100 Ft Range
PPTP Point-to-point Tunneling Protocol Used to implement VPNs
Auto-Switching Power Supply Automatically adjust to different input voltages, allowing the device to be used in different countries
Class A – – Private Range 126 Possible Addresses 16,777,214 Nodes Supported
Class B – Private Ranges – – 16,384 Possible Addresses 65,534 Nodes Supported
Class C – Private Range – 2,097,152 Possible Addresses 254 Nodes Supported
Class D Multicast –
Class E Reserved –
802.1x Offers dynamic encryption key and a number of authentication methods through Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) including certificates, public keys, and Kerberos
APIPA Addresses – Windows Default Automatic Configuration Assigned when DHCP cannot be reached
Link Local Address IPv6 equivalent of the APIPA Address Starts with FE80 Windows randomizes the rest of the address If not randomized, uses the MAC Address of the NIC Unlike APIPA, generated on device startup
DDR 184 Pins 200 on SODIMM
DDR2 240 Pins 200 on SODIMM
DDR3 240 Pins 204 on SODIMM
SDRAM 168 PIns
DDR4 288 Pins 256 on SODIMM
DDR Factors DDRX = PC8X DDRX = 1/2X MHZ DDR2X = 1/4X MHZ DDR3X = 1/8X MHZ
CardBus Slot for PCMCIA Cards 32 Bit Bus
PCMCIA Type I 68 Pins 3.3 MM
PCMCIA Type II 68 Pins 5 MM Compatible with I and II
PCMCIA Type III 68 Pins 10.5MM Compatible with I, II and III
Windows XP 233/300 MHz 64/512 MB RAM 1.5/4 GB HD None/Modern Network Card SVGA/Direct X 1024x768 Video Support Any CD or DVD Drive
Windows VIsta 1GHz/Any Dual Core 512MB/1 GB/2 GB RAM 20GB(15)/40GB(15)/100 GB HD Modern NIC w/Internet DirectX 9+32MB/128MB+pixelshader 2.0+WDDM and 32 bits per pixel/DirectX 10 and 512MB Any DVD Drive
Windows 7 1 GHz 1 GB RAM/2GB RAM 16GB/20 GB DirectX 9 with WDDM 1.0
STP Shielded Twisted Pair
RG-59 / RG-6 Coaxial Cable 59 is thinner and doesn't carry data as far
Power Calculation Power = Voltage x Amperage x Power Factor
RS-232 DB9 connector typically used for Serial Ports
MAN Metropolitan Area Network Network covering a large geographic area, usually a city, merging together smaller LANs. Typically owned by a government or large corporation.
CAN Campus area network Small geographic area network made up of multiple smaller LANs all grouped together
QoS Protocol which prioritizes traffic based on the traffic's bandwidth needs.
SATA vs SATA 3.0 SATA 3.0 has code to optimize for high bandwidth applications such as sound and video
Thermal Printer Cleaning Turn off and Access Door Release Head Move Ribbon Dampen Rag Wipe Dry Return Ribbon Return Head Close Door
Msinfo32 System Information Local or Remote
NLX New Low Extended Profile Requires Riser Card for Adapter Cards Riser Allows Parallel Installation
WAN Wide Area Network Large Network Comprised of Smaller Networks Across Vast Distances Example - Internet
ECC Error Correcting RAM Number of Chips is Divisible by 9 Non-ECC Chips Divisible by 8
WSXGA+ 1680 x 1050
QVGA 320 x 240
WVGA 854 x 480
SVGA 800 x 600
SXGA+ 1400 x 1200
SXGA 1280 x 1024
Windows 7 Upgrade Paths Only from Vista and only to same 32 or 64 bit type
Windows Vista Upgrade Paths Professional - Business or Ultimate Home - Any Media Center - Home Premium or Ultimate Tablet PC - Business or Ultimate Professional x64 - None
ExpressCard 34mm or 54mm Wide 75mm Long 5mm Thick
LGA Intel Flat grid of contacts called "lands"
775 Pentium 4 Pentium D Core 2 Duo Core 2 Quad
1155 i3 i5 i7 Pentium Celeron
1156 i3 i5 i7 Pentium Celeron Xeon
1366 High Performance i7 Xeon Celeron Succeeded by LGA 2011
940 Athalon 64 FX Opteron
AM2 Athlon Opteron Sempron Phenom
AM2+ Athlon Opteron Phenom Phenom II
AM3 Phenom II Athlon II Sempron Opteron
AM3+ Phenom II Athlon II FX
FM1 Used for AMD APU APU is CPU and GPU Combined
F Opteron
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