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William Lyon Mackenzie Replaced Gourlay, argumentative man
Emily Stowe 1st female doctor, Canadian
Joseph Howe famous journalist & newspaper publisher, AGAINST confederation
Louis Joseph Papineau Seigneur & lawyer, leader of radical reformers
William Lyon Mackenzie replaced Gourlay, argumentative man
Lord Durham reformer in England, governor-in-chief of Canada, made the Durham report
Thomas D’Arcy McGee John A. MacDonald’s good friend, murdered for supporting Confederation
Queen Victoria reigned over British empire for 60+ years (1837-1901)
Louis Pasteur french scientist, theorized that bacteria caused illnesses
Lord Elgin Durham’s son-in-law, wanted to make responsible government a reality, signed Rebellion Losses Bill even though he was opposed to it
George-Etienne Cartier Leader of parti bleu; invested in railways, driving force behind confederation
John A. MacDonald 1st & 3rd Prime Minister of Canada, lawyer, agreed to join Great Coalition of 1864
George Brown led Radical Party (Grits), publisher of toronto newspaper
Pierre-Esprit Radisson Explorer; help found HBC
Medard Des Groseilliers Explorer; help found HBC
Charles II gave HBC a royal charter
Miles MacDonnell issued Pemmican Proclamation
Lord Selkirk Liberal democrat, wanted to help people from his home country by sending them to BNA
Duncan Cameron appointed Grant as Captain of Métis
Robert Semple burned Fort Gibraltar; led battle against Metis in Battle of Seven oaks (killed with 20 of his men)
Cuthbert Grant captain of Metis, set out to make peace with NWC
George Simpson new appointed head of HBC
James Craig appointed governor of Lower Canada, openly anti-french
Robert Gourlay a land agent, drew up a list of grievances, arrested and sent out of the colony
Lord John Russell replied with “Ten Resolutions”; in charge of Colonial office in Britain
David Thompson explorer; mapped Northwest
Frances Simpson Georges wife /18 yr old cousin; announced she wouldn't socialize with any of the Metis wives or HBC employees -ended up isolated
John Christian Shultz Orange order; organized “Canadian Party” to gain political control of the colony
Louis Riel Metis; Lawyer; formed the national Metis Committee to fight for Metis’ rights (including land)
William McDougall Lieutenant governor of the Northwest Territories; anti-frenc
Donald Smith senior official of HBC sent to negotiate w/ riel; hammered the last spike on the CPR
Lord Sydenham .
Joseph Howe .
Thomas Douglas .
Colin Robertson .
Thomas Scott .
Lawrence Clarke .
Gabriel Dumont .
Jay Cooke .
Sir Hugh Allan .
Alexander Mackenzie .
Sanford Fleming .
William Van Horne .
Donald Smith .
James Polk .
John McLoughlin .
James Douglas .
Richard Seymour .
Anthony Musgrave .
Amor De Cosmos .
Wilfred Laurier .
Clifford Sifton .
James Dunsmuir .
Nelly McClung .
Frank Oliver .
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