Ch 3: Modeling of Rigid Body Mechanical Systems

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Dry friction force is non-conservative because the work done by the force depends on ______. the path taken
______ are approximately equal if either the pulley rotates at a constant speed or if the pulley inertia is negligible compared to the other inertias in the system. Tension forces
When the mass, radius, or inertia of a pulley, the tension forces in the cable may be taken to be ______. the same on both sides of the pulley.
What is the kinematic relation between a wheel and surface for pure rolling motion? v = Rω
For pure rolling, a wheel will roll without slipping if the _____ is smaller than the static friction force μ_sN. tangential force f_t
The assumption of negligible wheel mass implies that there is no _____ on the wheels. tangential force
For general planar motion, two force equations describe translational motion, and a _______ equation is needed to describe the rotational motion. moment
The net moment M_G is caused by the action of the external forces and any _____ applied to the body. couples
Sometimes it is more convenient to use a point of known _____ rather than the mass center or a fixed point. acceleration
______ is the same regardless of whether point O, G, or P is used. angular acceleration α
The energy equivalence method can be used to model a system as if it were in pure translation or pure rotation, but only if the motions of the rotating and translating components are _____. directly coupled
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