Organic Chemistry Functional Groups

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Organic Chemistry Functional Groups
1 Alkanes
1.1 General Formula
1.1.1 Cn H2n+2
1.2 Definition: Hydrocarbons linked by SINGLE BONDS only
1.3 EG; methane, ethane, propane
1.4 Properties
1.4.1 Boiling Point usually Low There is only weak van der Waals' force between molecules
1.4.2 Density Less Dense than water
1.4.3 Solubility insoluble in water Soluble in organic solvent
2 Alkenes
2.1 General Formula
2.1.1 Cn H2n
2.2 Unsaturated Hydrocarbon with double bond(s)
2.3 Properties
2.3.1 Lower boiling Points There is only weak van der Waals' force between molecules
2.3.2 Density Less Dense than water
2.3.3 Solubility Soluble in organic solvent insoluble in water
3 Alcohol / Alkanol
3.1 contains -OH group
3.2 General Formula
3.2.1 Cn H2n+1 OH
3.3 properties
3.3.1 higher boiling point due to hydrogen bond
3.3.2 Density usually less dense than water, some with more than 1 -OH gps have higher density
3.3.3 Solubility miscible with water forms H-bond with water the longer the alkyl group the lower the solubility
4 Carboxylic acid
4.1 Properties
4.1.1 Characteristic Pungent smell
4.1.2 sour taste
4.1.3 boiling point even higher than that of alcohol extensive intermolecular hydrogen bonds
4.1.4 forms dimer in crystal form
4.1.5 Density >3C: less dense than water
4.1.6 Solubility miscible with water forms H-bond with water the longer the alkyl group the lower the solubility
4.2 eg: ethanoic acid in vinegar
4.3 Functional gp
4.3.1 -RCOOH
5 Haloalkanes
5.1 General formula: RX (where X is a halogen)
5.2 Naming
5.2.1 F: fluoro-
5.2.2 Cl: Chloro-
5.2.3 Br: Bromo-
5.2.4 I: Iodo-
5.3 Properties
5.3.1 most are liquid in r.t.p v.d.w forces polar molecules
5.3.2 density decrease with molecular mass
5.3.3 solubility insoluble in water soluble in most organic solvents they make excellent organic solvents
6 carbonyl compounds
6.1 includes -C(=O)-
6.2 aldehydes
6.2.1 naming: -al
6.2.2 carbonyl gp bonded to at least 1 H atom
6.2.3 -CHO
6.2.4 unpleasant and pungent smell
6.3 ketones
6.3.1 naming: -one
6.3.2 carbonyl gp bonded to alkyl gps on both sides
6.3.3 pleasant and sweet odour
6.4 properties
6.4.1 boiling points higher than alkanes, lower than alcohols polar molecules
6.4.2 less dense than water
6.4.3 lower members are soluble in water
7 Esters
7.1 properties
7.1.1 characteristic smell
7.1.2 polar, but no H-Bonds
7.1.3 less dense than water
7.1.4 lower members are soluble in water the O can form H-Bond
7.2 RCOOR'
7.3 naming
7.3.1 alkyl alkanoate
8 Amides
8.1 -CONH2
8.2 -amide
8.3 properties
8.3.1 higher boiling point than carboxylic acid extensive H-Bond contains 2 H and 2 lone pairs
8.3.2 slightly higher density than water
8.3.3 lower members are soluble in water can form H-Bond
9 Amines
9.1 -amine
9.2 RNH2
9.3 Properties
9.3.1 liquids have a fishy smell
9.3.2 gases have characteristic ammonia smell
9.3.3 lower melting points than alcohols
9.3.4 less dense than water
9.3.5 lower members very soluble in water
9.4 amino-

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