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When were the Terrors? 1793
What were the terrors? France declared war on England Riots in England People turn anti-revolution
When was Habeas Corpus suspended? 1794
What was Habeas Corpus? Basic defense of personal freedom
What's a Jacobin? Member of a pro-French Revolution club
What did Republicans support? System of power Elected leader at the top Leader is the people's representative
When was the storming of the Bastille? 1789
What was the Storming of the Bastille? Where the constitutional monarchy had been established- it was beseiged
When were the Enclosures Acts? Tudor to late 1700s
What were the Enclosures Acts? Enclosing of common land to be privately owned by rich people. Known as 'binding' OOH! 'binding with briars my joys and desires' !!!!!!!!!! (Garden of Love, SOE)
Who sold the chimney sweeps? Workhouses Impoverished parents
At what age were children sold to be chimney sweeps? As young as 4 or 5, employed for as long as 7 years. The job caused testicular cancer, life-long respiratory difficulties and affected eyesight
What are charters? Formed document from state, specifying the rights of a city or bank. Person who issues these restrictions has great power.
Why were children abandoned? Illegitimate Orphans
When were the Songs of Innocence? 1789
When did the French Revolution begin? 1789
When were the Songs of Innocence AND Experience? 1794
Chapbooks- what were they? small, cheap booklets produced for the poorer people. They covered stories, news, moral tales etc William Blake's parody -'so if all do their duty, they need not fear harm' (Chimney Sweep, SOI) or 'lest you drive an angel from your door' (Holy Thursday)
What happened to child apprentices, who came to the city from pauper backgrounds? They were taken into workhouses and orphanages, working long hours, from 12-18 hours a day. Their wages would go to the orphanage/workhouse. They worked 12-18 hours a day.
Why were so many children having to work dangerous jobs such as chimney-sweeping or operating machinery Poverty. Either their family needed the money to survive, or they had no family and had to be cared for by charity or workhouses.
How many percent of children born in London in Blake's time died before they were five years old? 74%
How many percent of children born in London in workhouses in Blake's time died before they were 5 years old? over 90%
There was the Christ's Hospital for legitimate orphans and foundlings, but what about illegitimate children? They were prohibited from being cared for there.
Quote from the Proverbs of Hell: 'Prisons are built with stones of Law, Brothels with bricks of Religion'
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