Religion Vs Science

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Flashcards to revise the religion vs science debate in order to be able to answer a long question on it in the aqa sociology unit 3 belief exam

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Intro RELIGION: a set of beliefs that are shared by a group of people. Try to use evidence to support their faith SCIENCE: Uses evidence and tries to draw conclusions from facts. IDEOLOGY: a set of standards that are followed by people, government, and/or other groups that is considered the "norm". Science and Religion have not always been opposed Science arose from religion, not in opposition to it-need for truth(Nietzsche) Therefore
Historical view (Before Enlightenment) Religion is the oldest ideology and ;regime of truth' Foucault (Durkheim-Aborigines) Science was less dominant People believed in the msytical Religion was the regime of truth until the 17th Century.
Historical view (After Enlightenment) Science and reason began to challenge religion Facts become more difficult to ignore and easier to trust (Creationism V Evolution)
Contemporary view (Where is religion dominant?) Monolithic societies (Italy etc) Parsons: their norms and values and cultural system are based on Catholicism E.g. Views and Laws on Abortion, Homosexuality etc
Does the ideology benefit everyone equally? Bruce: People see religion as outdated Abbot and Wallace: Religion is a product of patriarchy and benefits men Mirza- Fundamentalism and Cultural defense
Where is religion not dominant? In Pluralistic societies Bruce: Disengagement and secularisation Weber: Disnechantment and rationalisation-science provides answers In some places Political Ideology is Dominant(North Korea)
Was religion ever dominant? In Modern USA religion is not part of the constitution The state and religion are separate Freedom to choose ideology USA is dominant in Scientific research
Postmodernists Lyotard: Religion, Science and Ideology are allmetanarratives, claiming monopoly on truths Postmodernists: Such metanarratives are now just stories that are equally as valid. They are all ideologies that express different beliefs
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