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Which perspective to take on personality? There are conflicting views, each has strengths and weaknesses
Collected elements of psych theories that had strong evidence, put them in a box. Did not say how they relate Mayer (2005) Psychology as 'organised functional unit'
McAdams' Personality Triad 1) Dispositional Traits 2) Characteristic Adaptations 3) Narrative identity: Life story
McAdams' Personality Triad: Dispositional Traits -Eysenck's E, N & P -OCEAN
Limits of trait theories "Psychology of the stranger" McAdams -Don't say anything about the individual, only how they're likely to respond to situations
McAdams' Personality Triad: Characteristic Adaptations -Personal goals & motives -Defence mechanisms & Coping strategies -Values & beliefs -Attachment & Relationship styles -Domain-specific skills & interests -etc
McAdams' Personality Triad: Narrative Identity "Lives viewed as narrated texts, known and 'read' as stories, framed through discourse & told in culture" McAdams -Stories central to identity & unity of self
Changing personalities over time -Modern personalities different to 100s of years ago -Current theories could be outdated in the future
Cultural criticism of personality theories Personality theories rooted in Western assumptions and values: Focus on WEIRDos (Western Educated Industrialised Rich & Democratic)
WEIRDos Western Educated Industrialised Rich & Democratic
Consistency Gets the same results across situations
Internal Consistency Test components correlate well ie. Cronbach's alpha of >0.7
Inter-rater reliability Consistency in info found by different raters
Test-retest reliability Consistency over instances of testing
Construct validity Assessing what is intended to be assessed
Convergent validity Tests assessing same thing should correlate
Divergent validity Tests assessing different things should not correlate
Acquiescence Researcher wanting to give positive evaluations
Likert scales Strongly agree - Strongly disagree
Fixed-choice format Make a choice of two possible (both good or bad) descriptions of yourself -Decreases social desirability bias
Projective testing Tests aspects cannot be directly assessed with self-reflection eg unconscious processes. eg. Rorschach test -Big problems with validity: what does it mean?
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